Insurance for Your Holiday Party

Bergen County NJ Commercial Insurance Coverage | Holiday Party Liability

Bergen County NJ Commercial Insurance Coverage | Holiday Party LiabilityInsurance for your holiday party may not be on your radar when thinking about Bergen County NJ commercial insurance coverage. In fact, insurance for your holiday party may not be something that you have ever even heard of never mind considered. This is the time of year for company parties, a time of cheer and holiday spirit and a time where there may be a bit more fun happening than intended. While holiday parties represent a time for everyone to mingle, a time for the boss to rub elbows with the mail clerk, and a time for clients to join in the fun, the presence of alcohol can pose a liability. This liability can put your company at risk.  Luckily Bogle Agency Insurance can help you assess your Bergen County NJ commercial insurance policy, including your coverage, your risk, and your needs.

The United States Department of Labor states makes it clear that the improper use of alcohol at office parties can make employers vulnerable to liability under workers’ compensation, as well as tort and other laws. Liquor liability laws hold a server of alcohol liable, which at a party means the host. As a result it is imperative that businesses take the necessary precautions to protect themselves. This protection can occur with the proper Bergen County NJ commercial insurance coverage. In most cases a company’s commercial general liability policy will cover this but it is certainly worth a discussion with your Bergen County NJ insurance agent.

Going a step further than the general coverage you may want to consider Employment Practices Liability Insurance. This will protect you from behavior that could take place if an employee of your company behaves inappropriately toward a co-worker or client. Alcohol can bring on strange behavior and making sure your company is covered is essential.

While everyone wants to have a great time at a party it is important to stress the need to drink responsibly. Make sure to relay the message to the leaders in your business to set a good example. In addition, follow the law. Do not serve to minors. Having plenty of non-alcoholic beverages on hand and a variety of food as well will work in your favor.

Bogle Insurance Agency wishes you a happy and safe holiday season. If you have questions or concerns about Bergen County NJ commercial insurance coverage policies or personal insurance policies please give us a call today. Our goal is to help you understand the coverage you need, making sure you are covered under all circumstances that may arise. Let us help you enjoy a stress-free holiday party season.  We welcome the opportunity to serve as your guide to insurance in Lyndhurst New Jersey and throughout Bergen County, NJ.