Staying Safe In Ice And Snow

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Bergen County NJ Homeowners Insurance | Winter Weather SafetyThere is no weather condition that stresses the need for good Bergen County NJ homeowners insurance coverage more than icy and snowy weather. From keeping your walkways clear to driving as safely as possible, there are many steps that can be taken ahead of time to prepare for the elements to avoid disaster or inconvenience this New Jersey winter.  Inclement winter weather conditions add hazards to our daily lives that in turn have the potential to create liability issues for homeowners, renters, and drivers. Protection is essential and evaluating your insurance coverage should be a priority. The Bogle Agency offers Bergen County NJ homeowners insurance options out of our offices in Lyndhurst NJ to ensure you are covered for a myriad of circumstances.

Items on your must-do winter checklist include:

  • clear icicles
  • shovel walkways around your home, including the driveway
  • keep all stairs free of ice and snow
  • have sand, cinders, or ice melt available to sprinkle on icy areas
  • keep doors to your home and garage doors closed to avoid excess cold entering your home and freezing pipes
  • have snow tires on your vehicles
  • have an ice scraper, a blanket, and a shovel in each vehicle you own
  • make sure the defroster and heat work in your car
  • check your insurance coverage

Throughout the winter season it should be a priority to keep walkways clear of snow and ice. Preventing the possibility of someone slipping and falling in front of your house or on your property is important. In the event slips and falls do occur knowing you are backed up by a good homeowners insurance policy can relieve the stress and worry of liability.

Sit down with your Bergen County New Jersey insurance agent today to discuss your coverage and how unforeseen incidents on your property can affect it. If you have questions or concerns about your Bergen County NJ homeowners insurance policy or any of your policies, please give us a call today. Our goal is to help you understand the coverage you need and making sure you have the coverage necessary for unforeseen occurrences. Let us help you enjoy a stress-free winter season.