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Offering Auto Insurance With A Top Company


Bogle Agency Insurance of Lyndhurst NJ, offers car owners in NJ the best automobile coverage with Chubb Masterpiece Auto Preference. Cars are more technologically advanced, built with lighter, more fuel-efficient materials, and electric cars are ever more common, so repairs and maintenance are more expensive and more complicated. In light of all this, Bogle Agency Insurance offers premier automobile insurance with Chubb Masterpiece Auto Preference. We recommend that you insure your car with Chubb Masterpiece in NJ.


Coverage Is Comprehensive


Chubb’s Masterpiece insurance is for all types of automobiles, high-end to everyday family cars. Their team of Auto Technical Specialists make sure repairs are done in accordance with manufacturer specifications. When this is not possible, you are covered for a total loss. A client’s satisfaction with service and safety is always the main focus. Chubb’s agents respond quickly and efficiently to claims, making the process easier so that an automobile owner can get their car back on the road. Bogle Agency Insurance is pleased to offer Chubb Masterpiece Automobile Insurance to car owners.


Top Coverage For NJ Car Owners


Bogle Agency Insurance feels confident that when they offer Chubb Masterpiece Auto Preference to NJ car owners, they are providing the most complete protection with a foremost carrier. For a consultation with one of our agents about automobile insurance, call us at (201) 939-1079.  We feel it is to your benefit to insure your car with Chubb Masterpiece in NJ.

Job Opening: Commercial Lines CSR

Insurance Agency Job Opening: CommercialInsurance Job Opportunity With Bogle Agency Insurance Lyndhurst NJ Lines CSR

Bogle Agency Insurance is seeking a Commercial Lines CSR to assist Producers and Service Staff in servicing existing business, development of agency new production, and current account remarketing.

Some of the key areas the person will be responsible for are:

    1. Working with producers to complete new business submissions.
    2. Entering submissions into the agency and insurance company management system.
    3. Working with insurance companies or comparative rating systems to generate quotes & proposals.
    4. Sending submissions to insurance company underwriters and/or insurance wholesalers.
    5. Working with underwriters and others to generate quotes.
    6. Work with producers to obtain trailing documents.
    7. Following up with carriers to obtain information, as needed.
    8. Remarketing existing accounts when needed.
    9. Working with agency staff to help service and maintain the existing agency business.
    10. Working in any other areas that may be assigned by agency management.

Insurance Agency Job Applicant:

In summary, we are looking for an all-around person to help the agency service and grow the business. You Must be a team player.

Insurance Agency Job Benefits:

      • Competitive Pay
      • Health, Life & Disability Insurance
      • Retirement Benefits
      • Paid PTO
      • Paid Holidays
      • Commission Income

Insurance Agency Applicant Qualifications:

      • Insurance license in Property and Casualty lines.
      • Experience working in an insurance agency or insurance company.
      • Knowledge of commercial and personal insurance lines coverage.
      • Knowledge of AMS360 management system is preferred.
      • Knowledge of Microsoft Outlook/Word/Excel
      • Organizational skills to succeed in a semi-autonomous, fast-paced environment.
      • Initiative and problem-solving skills are desirable.
Apply For Insurance Agency Job Here:

Interested applicants should forward their resume for consideration to:

Erica L. Patrk
Bogle Agency Insurance
200 Stuyvesant Avenue
Lyndhurst, NJ 07071
Phone: #201-939-1076

12 Tips for Maximizing Your High Deductible Health Insurance Plan

Nearly 40% of people have a health care plan with a high deductible. An even higher percentage of people wish they had a lowerHigh Deductible Health Insurance Tips Bogle Agency Insurance Lyndhurst NJ deductible (who wouldn’t?!). And with medical bills being the leading cause of bankruptcies, it is important to understand how to maximize your high deductible so that you can stay afloat in case something unexpected were to happen.

1. Find Out What’s Free (High Deductible Health Insurance)

Many routine services are free. Instead of staying home to save money, you could get a free screening for preventative care. Common services covered are colonoscopies, mammograms, and vaccinations. About 90% of people with high deductible health insurance plans don’t know that such services are free.  You can learn more about free services by viewing your policy details or giving your carrier a call.

2. Pay in Cash (High Deductible Health Insurance)

See if you can get a discount by paying in cash. We know someone who had a high deductible who needed a $4,500 eye surgery. Because of his deductible, he was going to have to pay it in full. He called the doctor’s office and asked how much it would cost to pay in cash — only $1,500! It was a no-brainer. He paid in cash and saved $3,000.

3. Ask For An Alternative

Figure out whether there is a cheaper, alternative option. Doctors will provide you with the typical, recommended option. Sometimes, it can be pricer than other options that are just as effective. See if something else can be done to give you the help you need at a more reasonable price.

4. Get Generic Prescriptions

Consult your doctor about prescriptions and ask for a generic. Consumer Reports found that generic versions of the five most widely prescribed medications were 447% cheaper!  How would you like to save 447%?

Take a look at GoodRx to compare prices for thousands of prescription drugs at more than 70,000 pharmacies.

5. Compare Provider Prices

Prices can vary wildly for the same procedure. Before scheduling a procedure, ask around — you may be surprised what other providers are charging.  Even something as simple as a blood test can vary in price by $100. Bigger ticket items, like an MRI, can vary by $500+. It’s worth the time to learn what others are charging.

6. Use Caution During Wellness Visits

For most plans, a wellness visit is covered. However, not everything done during this visit is covered. A doctor might recommend a test (like a hearing test or an x-ray) that would be considered outside your wellness visit and would result in a charge. Before the test is performed, be sure to ask your doctor if it will be covered; but don’t refuse the test just because of the cost (you might need it!).

7. Stay In-Network

You will typically pay a lower rate by going to providers in your plan’s network. Additionally, only in-network charges count against your deductible and out-of-pocket maximum. So if you get a $10,000 surgery out-of-network on your $10,000 deductible and think that your next payment will be covered, you are wrong! An out-of-network service will NOT count against your deductible. You would have to pay towards that $10,000 on the next bill. If possible, stay in-network!

8. Open A Health Savings Account (HSA)

Most high deductible health plans give you the opportunity to open a health savings account (HSA). This account allows you to put money away to use specifically towards medical expenses. An HSA is tax-exempt, meaning you won’t pay taxes on the money earned and placed into the account. You can even get set up with your employer to have money from each paycheck sent directly to your HSA, pre-tax. Another nice feature to an HSA is that your funds roll over year after year.  You don’t have to use it or lose it. The money is yours and will stay in the account (unless you take it out!).

9. Have an Emergency Fund

If your plan doesn’t offer an HSA, consider creating your own emergency fund as a safeguard in case something were to happen. A wise amount to set as a goal for you account would be your deductible; or even better, your out-of-pocket maximum. This way, you could easily pay off a medical bill.

10. Keep Records

Be sure to keep copies of all medical receipts. Whether you file them in a manila folder or store them on your computer, it will be helpful to have them on hand in case the insurance company were to make an error.

11. Double Check Every Bill that Comes in the Mail

This is a biggie. There have been several times recently that I’ve received a bill that was wrong. In one instance, we had just changed insurances to a better policy, but our bill was based upon the previous policy rates. This was an easy change. Another time, we told our doctor to send blood test results to a provider that was $20 cheaper than the place where they usually send them. The doctor’s office forget to do this, and sent us a bill for the more expensive provider. After pointing out their error, they agreed to pay the difference.

12. Be Clever with Timing

Your annual deductible resets every year. If you need an expensive procedure, try to schedule it early in the year. This could help you in case something comes up later in the year. For example:

Joe’s $7,000 deductible resets on January 1st. It is currently November and he hasn’t had any prior major medical expenses, so he hasn’t paid anything towards the deductible. Joe is going to need surgery on his knee that will cost $7,000. He can still move around, but the surgery will help with the pain he experiences when running or walking for extended periods. Instead of scheduling surgery immediately, Joe delays the surgery until after January 1st. On January 15th, Joe gets his surgery and pays his deductible in full. Now, for the rest of the year, insurance will cover his expenses (minus the co-insurance until he reaches the out-of-pocket maximum). So if something else major happens to Joe within that year, it will almost entirely be covered. Joe was wise.

Now you can be wise, too!

Share These 12 (High Deductible Health Insurance) Tips With Others!

Don’t let family and friends miss out on saving money! Remember, 90% of people don’t know that insurance plans offer free services. Now that you know these great tips, share them!


Health Insurance Agency Lyndhurst Bergen County NJ Health Insurance Options In NJ


Discovering the best health insurance coverage for the most affordable price is daunting. Bogle Agency Insurance, located in Bergen County NJ, is helping individuals, families and businesses all over New Jersey find the best health insurance for their needs and budgets. Whether you are seeking an individual health plan, a family health plan, or a group business plan, we can guide you. We are an outstanding local insurance resource and will work to locate the right plan with the best coverage for the best price.  Finding Health Insurance in NJ shouldn’t be difficult or confusing.


Who Needs Health Insurance?


The answer to that is – Everyone. Healthcare costs are at an all-time high and a good health insurance plan can help keep those costs within reason. Even if you don’t get your coverage through the Affordable Care marketplace, you do need to have insurance that meets the standards set forth by the Affordable Care Act.

Not all insurance plans list all doctors, so if you have a doctor that you like make sure the plan you choose lists your doctor. Even if you currently have an insurance plan that fits your needs, being aware of other options will help make sure you continue to have good coverage at a price you can afford.


Seek Professional Help


Health Insurance is complicated and keeps changing. Your priority is the best coverage for the most affordable price. Bogle Agency Insurance can guide you and make you aware of what you need to know about NJ Health Insurance options. If you are in the market for a new Health Insurance Plan or feel you would like to renew the plan you have, call Bogle Agency Insurance for a consultation, you might learn something you didn’t know. We can be reached at (201) 939-1076.



Homeowners and Automobile Insurance Cover Lyndhurst NJ Chubb's Excess Liability Protection You To A Limited Degree


All homeowners in NJ with a mortgage probably have Homeowners Insurance, and all automobile owners in NJ must have Automobile Insurance. These policies protect you but only to a limited degree, after which you are self-insured. Bogle Agency Insurance offers Chubb Masterpiece Excess Liability Insurance which gives you some of the highest limits of liability coverage. When the unexpected occurs and your home or automobile insurance don’t completely cover you, Chubb’s insurance offers higher or excess liability protection. This insurance is known as “umbrella insurance” because it covers you like an umbrella.  Bogle Agency Insurance is proud to offer Chubb’s Excess Liability protection in NJ.


Protect Your Valuables And Your Lifestyle


You have strived to offer your family a comfortable lifestyle and expensive belongings. Excess Liability Insurance protects you with higher limits than most standard insurance.

Chubb Masterpiece Excess Liability Insurance also covers your legal representation when the unexpected happens. This insurance is meant to cover NJ clients who require protection above what the traditional Homeowners Insurance and Automobile Insurance policies provide.  Bogle advises that families in NJ take advantage of the coverage offered by Chubb’s Excess Liability Protection.


Seek Professional Guidance


Bogle Agency Insurance offers assistance and guidance to choose the best insurance protection for your unique needs. We offer Chubb’s Masterpiece Excess Liability Insurance because it provides the best coverage. Our experienced and knowledgeable agents stand ready to help you decide what insurance coverage offers the most protection for your particular circumstances. Give us a call at (201) 939-1076 for an appointment to discuss Excess Liability Insurance.

Common Health Insurance FAQs during Open Enrollment

Health Insurance FAQs by Bogle Agency Insurance, based in Lyndhurst Bergen County, NJUnderstanding the Open Enrollment Period for health insurance is pivotal for making informed decisions about your coverage in NJ. Let’s delve into the most frequently asked questions (Health Insurance FAQs) to help you navigate this critical time with confidence.

When is the Annual Enrollment Period for Health Insurance?

The Annual Enrollment Period spans from November 1st to December 15th each year. During this window, individuals can enroll in or modify health insurance plans to best suit their healthcare needs for the upcoming year.

If I’m Happy with My Current Health Insurance Plan, Do I Need to Do Anything During Annual Enrollment?

If you’re content with your existing health insurance plan and it continues to meet your needs, no immediate action is necessary during the Open Enrollment Period. However, it’s prudent to review your plan’s terms and potential changes to ensure it aligns with your evolving healthcare requirements.

What Happens if I Miss the Annual Enrollment Period?

Missing the Annual Enrollment Period might limit your ability to alter or enroll in a new health insurance plan until the next enrollment cycle, except in cases of qualifying life events. This emphasizes the importance of timely review and decisions.

What If I’m Enrolled in My Employer’s Health Insurance Plan?

Do I Still Need to Participate in the Annual Enrollment Period? Participating in the Open Enrollment Period is recommended, even if covered by an employer’s health insurance. Assessing available options helps ensure your plan aligns with your health needs and budget, considering changes in coverage or available benefits.

What’s the Difference Between an HMO and a PPO Health Insurance Plan?

Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) necessitate a primary care physician (PCP) and referrals for specialist visits within a network, offering lower costs. Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) offer broader provider choices, in and out of network, with higher costs but no referral requirements.

Can I Use a Health Savings Account (HSA) with Any Health Insurance Plan?

HSAs are compatible with specific high-deductible health plans (HDHPs). These plans typically have higher deductibles but allow individuals to save pre-tax funds in an HSA for medical expenses, offering tax advantages and potential long-term savings.

The Open Enrollment Period for health insurance presents an opportunity to assess and tailor your coverage. Understanding enrollment timelines, plan options like HMOs versus PPOs, and the potential benefits of an HSA empowers you to make informed decisions, ensuring your healthcare needs are met effectively for the coming year.



Lyndhurst NJ Mortgage Protection Insurance


There Are Various Kinds of Life Insurance

Life insurance is available to NJ individuals, families and businesses in various forms. A very good choice for homeowners with a mortgage is Term Life Insurance in the form of Mortgage Protection Insurance. This type of Term Life Insurance helps protect your home if an unexpected financial hardship should occur. It could be because of death in the family, serious injury or illness, or temporary loss of income. Bogle Agency Insurance offers Mortgage Protection Insurance with Term Life Insurance to NJ families with a mortgage.

An alternative way to protect your mortgage is with Mortgage Life Insurance. There is a difference between this and Mortgage Protection Insurance. With Mortgage Life Insurance, if you pass away the mortgage lender receives the balance of your mortgage and your survivors don’t get anything. With Mortgage Protection Insurance the beneficiary of the policy is someone you choose and they receive the proceeds which they can use in any way they wish.

How Can Mortgage Protection Insurance Help Me?

Mortgage Protection Insurance can help you in the following ways:

  • Your mortgage can be paid off in the event of death.
  • Your monthly mortgage payments can be made during a family crisis such as disability or temporary loss of income.
  • Proceeds are tax-free to the beneficiary and can be used in any way they like.


Guidance Is Helpful With Mortgage Protection Insurance

Bogle Agency Insurance has helped thousands of NJ individuals, families and businesses with insurance since 1919. We have been offering sound insurance advice for over 100 years. Call today and speak with one of our knowledgeable agents about Mortgage Protection Insurance. The peace of mind knowing your family’s home is protected is priceless. We can be reached at (201) 939-1076.

Bogle Agency Insurance provides help with insurance of any kind. We offer Homeowners Insurance, Automobile Insurance, Health Insurance, various forms of Life Insurance, Business Insurance and much more.

Understanding Umbrella Insurance: What It Is and Who Needs It

When it comes to protecting your assets and finances, having adequate insurance coverage is essential. While most people are familiar with auto, home, and health insurance policies, there’s another type of insurance that’s often overlooked – umbrella insurance. Let’s have a look at what umbrella insurance is, who needs it, and why it’s important to consider.

Understanding Umbrella Insurance by Bogle Agency InsuranceUnderstanding Umbrella Insurance … Or Better Yet, What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is a type of liability insurance that provides additional coverage beyond the limits of your existing insurance policies. It’s designed to protect you from financial losses in the event of a major lawsuit or catastrophic event where your other insurance policies may not provide enough coverage.

For example, let’s say you’re involved in a car accident and you’re found at fault. Your auto insurance policy may cover up to $500,000 in damages, but the other party sues you for $1 million. Without umbrella insurance, you’d be responsible for the remaining $500,000 out of pocket. But with umbrella insurance, you can have additional coverage of $1 million or more to cover the remaining costs.

Who Needs Umbrella Insurance?

While umbrella insurance isn’t required by law, it’s a smart investment for anyone who wants to protect their assets and financial future. Here are some situations where umbrella insurance may be particularly beneficial:

  • You have a high net worth: If you have significant assets, such as a large home, multiple vehicles, or investment properties, you may be at a higher risk of being sued for a large amount of money. Umbrella insurance can help protect your assets in the event of a lawsuit that exceeds the limits of your other insurance policies.
  • You have teenage drivers: Teenagers are more likely to be involved in accidents, which can result in higher insurance claims. Umbrella insurance can provide additional coverage in case of a serious accident that exceeds the limits of your auto insurance policy.
  • You have a high-risk profession: Some professions, such as doctors, lawyers, and business owners, may be at a higher risk of being sued for malpractice or negligence. Umbrella insurance can provide additional coverage beyond your professional liability insurance policy.

Why is Umbrella Insurance Important?

Umbrella insurance provides an additional layer of protection that can help safeguard your assets and financial future. Without umbrella insurance, you may be at risk of losing your home, savings, or other valuable assets in the event of a lawsuit. With umbrella insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re protected from financial losses that exceed the limits of your other insurance policies.

In addition, umbrella insurance is typically very affordable, with coverage starting at around $200 per year for $1 million in coverage. This makes it a cost-effective way to protect yourself and your family from potential financial devastation. If you’re unsure whether umbrella insurance is right for you, we can help you evaluate your needs and find the right coverage for your situation.



Health Insurance PlansLyndhurst Bergen County NJ - Health Insurance Options

When buying Health Insurance your goal should always be to find the best coverage for the most affordable price. Bogle Agency Insurance agents guide individuals, families and businesses in Bergen County, NJ, Morris County, NJ and the surrounding area of NJ to discover the right Health insurance plan for their needs. Whether you are looking for an Individual Health Plan, a Family Health Plan or a Group Business Health Plan we are able to help. We are the top local insurance resource and will find the best coverage that fits your requirements and your budget. Allow us to offer some NJ Health Insurance advice.


When Should Health Insurance Be Purchased?

If you are currently enrolled in a Health Insurance plan, look for a plan before that one expires. Open enrollment time is when to start researching the availability of a plan that offers the coverage you need at a price you can afford. If you are seeing a doctor you like, it is important to make sure the plan you choose lists your doctor. Plans are not all the same and they don’t all include the same doctors. Even if you have Health Insurance and are happy with the plan, be aware of your options to ensure that you will continue to be covered at a price you like.

You don’t have to get your Health Insurance through the Affordable Care Marketplace, but you do need to get insurance that meets the standard set by the Affordable Care Act. Stay up to date on the standards that dictate Health Insurance in NJ now.


Can I Buy Health Insurance On My Own?

When buying Health Insurance, or any type of insurance, seeking professional help is always a wise choice. Buying Health Insurance can be confusing and plans keep changing. The one thing you do know is that you want the best coverage for the best price. Bogle Agency Insurance is here to educate you on what you need to know about New Jersey Health Insurance options. Our agents have the experience and the knowledge to assess your needs and offer the best insurance plan for you. Whether you are in the market for a new Health Insurance Plan or want to renew what you already have, call Bogle Agency Insurance in Lyndhurst NJ for a consultation. We can be reached at (201) 939-1076.

The Many Uses of Life Insurance

The Many Uses Of Life Insurance by Bogle Agency Insurance Lyndhurst in Begen County NJWhat Are The Many Uses Of Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a valuable investment that provides your loved ones with financial security and peace of mind. Most people think of life insurance as a way to provide for their family in the event of their untimely death. However, life insurance can be used in a variety of ways beyond just protecting your family’s future.

Paying Off Debts, Using Life Insurance

One of the most common uses for life insurance is to pay off outstanding debts. If you have any loans, a mortgage, or credit card balances that you haven’t paid off yet, your life insurance policy can be used to cover those expenses. This can be especially helpful if you have a high amount of debt, as it can prevent your loved ones from being burdened with these financial obligations.

Mortgage Protection Insurance is a form of life insurance that can help to protect your home and loved ones when an unexpected economic hardship happens.

Paying for Your Children’s Education, Using Life Insurance

Another important use of life insurance is to help pay for your children’s education. If you have young children, you may want to ensure that they have the financial resources to attend college or pursue other higher education opportunities. Life insurance can help provide the funds necessary to cover these expenses.

Supplementing Your Retirement Income, Using Life Insurance

Life insurance can also be used to supplement your retirement income. Many types of life insurance policies, such as permanent life insurance, accumulate cash value over time. This cash value can be accessed through policy loans or withdrawals, providing you with additional income during your retirement years.

Additionally, some types of life insurance policies allow for the option to receive a portion of the death benefit as a living benefit if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness or chronic condition. This can provide additional financial support during a difficult time and may help you avoid depleting your retirement savings.

Providing Business Continuity, Using Life Insurance

If you own a business, life insurance can be an important tool for providing business continuity in the event of your passing. For example, if you are a sole proprietor, your death could leave your business without a leader or income generator. Life insurance can provide the funds necessary to hire a replacement or cover ongoing expenses while the business is restructured or sold.

Similarly, if you have business partners, life insurance can be used to fund a buy-sell agreement. This agreement would ensure that your share of the business is sold to your partners or heirs at a fair price, providing them with the funds necessary to continue operating the business without you.

Estate Planning

Life insurance can also play an important role in estate planning. If you have significant assets or property, you may be concerned about the tax implications for your heirs upon your passing. Life insurance can provide the funds necessary to cover estate taxes and other expenses, ensuring that your loved ones receive as much of your estate as possible.

Additionally, life insurance can be used to provide an inheritance for your heirs. This can be particularly useful if you have assets that are difficult to divide, such as a family business or real estate.

Creating A Charitable Legacy

Another way you can use your life insurance policy is to create a charitable legacy. If you have a cause that you’re passionate about, you can name a charity as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy. This will ensure that your legacy lives on and that your contributions to the cause continue even after you’re gone.

Final Expense

Finally, your life insurance policy can be used to cover your final expenses. This can include funeral costs, medical bills, and other end-of-life expenses. By planning ahead and purchasing a life insurance policy, you can help ensure that your loved ones aren’t burdened with these costs during an already difficult time.

Life insurance is a versatile financial tool that can be used in a variety of ways. Whether you’re looking to protect your loved ones, pay off debts, or make a charitable contribution, a life insurance policy can provide the financial support you need.

By working with us, we can help you find a policy that meets your unique needs and provides peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

For further information about Life Insurance contact Bogle Agency Insurance click here or give our office a call at (201) 939-1076.