For us New Jersey Homeowners, it is most certainly better to be safe, than sorry. Believe it or not, the water off our NJ coast is unseasonably warm. And when the NJ Shore is this warm, it remains ‘hurricane season.’ So just in case any of these storms make their way north to our coastline, here’s a great set of precautionary tips from ‘The Andover Comapnies.’

hurricane season property damage and necessary insurance nj


Bogle Agency Insurance agents are licensed and trained in the field of insurance and are also friendly, courteous, and responsible. After all, servicing our clients is our highest priority since that is what has helped us become one of the most prestigious agencies in New Jersey. Bogle Agency Insurance was formed in 1919 and has been providing NJ insurance to businesses & families ever since.

Bogle Agency Insurance understands the way you feel about your home or property, and we want to protect that feeling. While we can’t prevent bad things from happening, we can help you get your home back to normal in the aftermath of disasters that come your way by offering you the very best Bergen County, as well as the entire state of NJ, property insurance.

That’s right, we’ve been at it for over 100 years, so contact us today with your property or hurricane insurance needs!


Bogle Agency Insurance is Honored by IIABA As Best Practices Agency – Again!

Lyndhurst NJ Best Practices Top Performer Badge 2022


For the 19th consecutive year, Bogle Agency Insurance has been selected as a Best Practices Agency. This year, 2022, we have also been named a Top Performer Agency.

Bogle Agency Insurance is part of an elite group of Independent insurance agencies in the United States. And while we’re proud to be selected as a BEST PRACTICES AGENCY by the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (IIABA), as well as a Top Performer Agency, we’re even more proud to have the trust of our clients.  

The IIABA and Reagan Consulting join in studying the country’s leading insurance agencies. Their purpose is to compile the operating statistics of the country’s leading insurance agencies. In order to participate in this study an agency must first be nominated by its peers. Then they gather financial and operational information, which is analyzed, scored, and ranked for inclusion. Having qualified for participation in this annual Best Practices Study, we’re proud to have this recognition.

Proud To Be An Industry Leader | Grateful For Our NJ Clients That Make It Possible

Bogle Agency Insurance is a highly qualified and experienced insurance agency serving the people of Bergen County, Morris County, and surrounding areas of NJ. We offer the assistance of agents that are certified and have extensive knowledge of the various types of insurance available. For all your personal and business insurance needs, call Bogle Agency Insurance at (201) 939-1076.

HIRING NOW! – Commercial Lines Full Time Hybrid Job Position

We’re Hiring! Full-Time Hybrid Job Position for Bogle Agency Insurance, Lyndhurst NJ


Insurance Agency Lyndhurst NJ NOW HIRING Job Post

Bogle Agency Insurance, located in Lyndhurst, Bergen County, NJ, is currently interested in hiring a full-time Commercial Lines Customer Service Rep. This is a full-time hybrid position!

Candidates should have an Insurance License. This position can be entry-level or it can be filled by an experienced Customer Service Representative. The salary offered depends upon the candidate’s experience. The position includes paid vacations and holidays, benefits, and more! Please email your resume to or call (201) 939-1076 and ask for Erica Patrk.

We’re Hiring Now – contact us!


Combining Coverages May Save Money


Combining Insurance Coverage Lyndhurst Bergen County NJ


“Bundling” insurance, or combining coverages such as Home and Automobile with the same
carrier, can save you money. TV ads regularly promote “bundling.” Bundling or any other
protection specialties should be discussed with an insurance professional. Bogle Agency
Insurance agents will offer the best options and opportunities to save money on insurance.
Does bundling insurance save money in NJ? – Not always!


Combining Insurance Can Cost More


On the subject of home and automobile insurance, the best coverage is always the most important priority. However, coverage and price don’t always correspond. At times, a lower price for insurance could lower the coverage. Combining the coverages, or “bundling” them, should not lower the coverage. A knowledgeable Bogle Agency Insurance agent can help. We will make sure that your bundled insurance saves money but also provides adequate protection. Often looking at separate policies will save money over bundling. Ultimately, don’t be influenced by advertising.


If You Are Thinking Of Bundling, Get Expert Advice


Bogle Agency Insurance agents are able to inform you of NJ insurance choices for your
home or business. We have experience, and our aim is to provide Bergen and Morris
County clients with insurance that makes sense financially and practically. Let
us be your guide when purchasing insurance, whether you plan to bundle or not. We can
be reached at (201) 939-1076. Does Bundling Insurance Save Money?  Not always.

Insurance for Your Holiday Party

Holiday Party Liability Insurance Coverage |Holiday Party Liability Insurance | Bergen County NJ Business Insurance NJ

Liability Insurance coverage for your holiday party may not be on the radar when thinking about commercial insurance coverages. In fact, insurance for your holiday party may not be something that you have ever even heard of, never mind considered. This can be the time of year for company parties in Bergen County and the surrounding area towns of NJ. It may be a time to celebrate, but also a time where maybe there is a bit more fun happening than intended. While holiday parties represent a time for everyone to mingle, a time for the boss to rub elbows with the entire team, and a time for clients to join in the fun, the presence of alcohol can pose a liability. This liability due to a Holiday Party can put your company at risk. Luckily Bogle Agency Insurance can assess your commercial insurance policy, including your coverage, your risk, and any additional needs.

The United States Department of Labor makes it clear that the improper use of alcohol at office parties can make employers vulnerable to liability under workers’ compensation, as well as tort and other laws. Liquor liability laws hold a server of alcohol liable, which when related to a party means the host. As a result, it is imperative that businesses take the necessary precautions to protect themselves. This protection can occur with the proper commercial insurance coverage. In most cases, a company’s commercial general liability policy will cover this, but it is certainly worth a discussion with your Bergen County NJ Insurance Agent.

Going a step further than general coverage, a business may want to consider Employment Practices Liability Insurance. This will protect from situations related to when an employee behaves inappropriately, maybe toward a co-worker or a client. Alcohol can bring on strange behavior, and making sure your company is covered is essential.

While everyone wants to have a great time at a party, it is important to stress the need to drink responsibly. Make sure to relay the message to the leaders in your business to set a good example. In addition, follow the law. Do not serve minors! Having plenty of non-alcoholic beverages on hand and a variety of food as well will work in your favor.

Better Insurance Practices | Better Insurance Agency Bergen County NJ 

Bogle Insurance Agency wishes you a happy and safe holiday season. If you have questions or concerns about commercial insurance coverage policies or personal insurance policies, please give us a call today. Our goal is to help you understand the coverage you need, making sure you are covered under all circumstances that may arise. Let us help you enjoy a stress-free holiday party season.  We welcome the opportunity to serve as your guide to insurance in Lyndhurst and throughout Bergen County, NJ.


Valuable Assets Need Extra Protection


Lyndhurst NJ Valuable Assets Coverage with Chubb


Valuable assets are those things you own that have greater than normal value.
You may have put together a valuable art collection. You may have inherited
or been given precious jewelry or coins. Maybe someone in your family is a rare
book collector. Perhaps you like to travel to exotic places and bring home
treasures from foreign locations. Generally most homeowners insurance only
provides limited coverage for these special items. That’s why Bogle Agency
Insurance recommends the coverage provided by Chubb Masterpiece Insurance. A
Chubb Masterpiece Valuables Insurance Policy will offer better protection for
the things in your life that are more valuable than the ordinary. Insuring
valuable assets in NJ means having Chubb Masterpiece Insurance.


Chubb Pays Serious Attention To Losses


With Chubb Masterpiece coverage claims are addressed quickly and concluded in
record time. This kind of response makes this type of insurance a great source
of relief to our clients. Bogle Agency Insurance wants you to have the best
insurance coverage that also provides the most responsive solutions to problems.
Along with fast claim handling, Chubb offers management services that include
fine art, jewelry and collections specialists with training and knowledge of
specialized collections. They also offer tips on preventing losses in the future.


Talk to Bogle About Valuable Asset Insurance


Bogle Agency Insurance has been helping people in NJ with insurance coverage for over
100 years. We want Bergen County and Morris County clients with treasured valuable
possessions to be made aware of Chubb Masterpiece Insurance. For a consultation
regarding the protection of your treasures give Bogle Agency Insurance a call at
(201) 939-1076.  Insuring valuable assets in NJ should include the protection of a
Chubb Masterpiece Valuables policy.


Lyndhurst NJ Health Insurance Options

Types Of Plans


Finding the best health insurance coverage for the most affordable price can be really
overwhelming. Bogle Agency Insurance agents help individuals, families and businesses in
Bergen County and Morris County NJ find the right health insurance plan. Whether you are
seeking an Individual Health Plan, a Family Health Plan or a Group Business Plan we are able
to guide you. We are the top local insurance resource, and will find the coverage that best
suits your needs and your budget.


When Should I Buy Health Insurance?


If you are enrolled in a plan currently, you should look for Health Insurance before that
plan expires. Open enrollment time is when you should start researching the availability of
plans that fit your needs. If you have a doctor that you like, remember it is important to
make sure the plan you choose lists your doctor. Not all plans are alike and they don’t all
include the same doctors. Even if you have health insurance and like the plan, being aware
of your options will ensure that you continue to have the coverage you like at a price you

When shopping for Health Insurance you don’t have to get your plan through the Affordable
Care Marketplace, but you do need insurance that meets the standard set by the Affordable
Care Act. Even though parts of the Affordable Care Act are repealed, you should make sure
you are up to date on the standards that dictate health insurance in NJ today.


Professional Help Is Your Best Bet


Seeking Health Insurance is confusing and plans keep changing. All you know is that you
want the best coverage for the best price. Bogle Agency Insurance will help you learn
what you need to know about NJ Health Insurance options. We have the experience and
capability to asses your needs and find the best insurance plan for you. Whether you are
in the market for a new Health Insurance Plan or think you want to renew what you have,
call Bogle Agency Insurance for a consultation. We can be reached at (201) 939-1076.


Masterpiece Automobile Insurance


Lyndhurst NJ Masterpiece Automobile Insurance with Chubb


Cars are being built with more aerodynamic designs and lighter materials for greater
fuel efficiency. Technology offers better safety and entertainment features. Special
engine types such as turbo or hybrid/electric are becoming more common. All these things
also make automobiles more complex and more expensive to repair. Bogle Agency Insurance
of Lyndhurst NJ offers Masterpiece Automobile Insurance with Chubb to our Bergen and
Morris County clients. This is premier coverage with a leading carrier. Insuring
automobiles with Chubb in NJ is offered by Bogle Agency Insurance with pride.


Chubb Provides Complete Coverage


Chubb’s team of Auto Technical Specialists assure you of repairs that are in accordance
with manufacturer’s specifications, or they will cover you for a total loss. They focus
on the safety and satisfaction of clients, never on repairing a car as cheaply as possible.
If a car cannot be repaired safely according to the manufacturer’s standards, you will be
covered for a total loss. This coverage is offered for a high-end luxury vehicle or
for an every day family auto.

When it comes to claims, Chubb responds quickly and efficiently. They make the whole
process easier and work to put you back on the road as soon as possible. Insuring automobiles
with Chubb in NJ is a benefit to car owners and their families.


Talk to Bogle About Chubb’s Masterpiece Insurance


Bogle Agency Insurance offers Chubb’s Masterpiece Automobile Insurance to NJ car owners.
We want to provide the most complete coverage for your automobile with a foremost carrier.

Bogle offers insurance protection for all areas of your life. We provide options for
Business Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Homeowners Insurance and so much
more. For all your insurance needs, call Bogle Agency Insurance at (201) 939-1076.


Good Coverage Is Available


Lyndhurst NJ Pet Insurance Coverage


Insurers all over NJ have realized how devoted people are to their pets. They also
know how much Veterinary care can cost. If your cat or dog is injured or becomes ill,
care and rehabilitation can become costly. Bogle Agency Insurance located in Lyndhurst
NJ recognizes the need for insurance protection with reliable insurance carriers who
will make pet ownership less expensive.  Excellent Pet Insurance coverage is available in NJ.


Flexible Options


Most pet insurance plans are adaptable and allow you to chose the options that fit
your needs. Whether it is coverage for an illness or injuries, or general care that
includes regular check-ups and shots, these options are offered.


Is Pet Insurance Worth It?


Science has made extraordinary breakthroughs in pet medical care. With so many people
having pets and the demand for pet care increasing daily, veterinary treatment can
often be a financial challenge. Veterinary facilities provide a full range of good
treatment and with medical professionals providing this treatment, the price is often
prohibitive. Pet insurance premiums are generally based upon the age and breed of
your pet, and sometimes your location. Although many policies allow you to seek
care provided by any veterinarian, others may limit your access to a specific network
of care givers. If your beloved pet requires serious and prolonged treatment, Pet
Insurance coverage in NJ is worth the cost involved.


Learn About the NJ Options in Pet Insurance


Bogle Agency Insurance offers professional advice to pet owners who are seeking to
insure their animals. Pet insurance is not limited to only dogs and cats. If you are
looking for pet insurance in Bergen or Morris County, or anywhere in NJ, call us about the
particular type of coverage you need. We can be reached at (201) 939-1076.

Bogle Agency Insurance has been providing insurance to NJ residents for over 100 years.
We offer insurance coverage for any category of insurance you need. We offer Homeowners,
Automobile, Health, Life, and more – and of course Pet Insurance.


Masterpiece Homeowners Insurance With Chubb


Lyndhurst NJ Insuring Your Home With Chubb


Bogle Agency Insurance of Lyndhurst NJ offers Bergen and Morris County NJ
clients Masterpiece Homeowners Insurance with Chubb. This coverage is
insurance provided by one of the foremost carriers in America. Chubb is
known for its outstanding insurance coverage, and at Bogle we are known
for always looking for the best way to serve our clients’ needs. We feel
that Chubb’s Masterpiece Homeowners Insurance is one of the best policies
you can buy to protect your home.  Learn about insuring your home with Chubb.


Great Service From Chubb


Although Chubb dispenses great claims service, they go out of their way
to go above and beyond the expected. They don’t simply process claims,
they go out of their way to make the whole claims process easy for you.
Claims are processed quickly and efficiently by trained staff. Chubb
offers complete protection and work at stopping issues from happening in
the first place.

If the worst should occur, they send out adjusters to assess the damage or
loss right away. They offer help in finding a place to stay while repair
is underway. Chubb’s staff are always empathetic and try to help you remain
calm under the most dire circumstances. Chubb also offers education in the
prevention of losses and damage. There are many ways in which Masterpiece
Homeowners Insurance with Chubb is one of the best protections for your home.


Learn More About Masterpiece Coverage



Bogle Agency Insurance works hard to provide their clients with the best
insurance coverage for a price they can afford. We feel that Masterpiece
Homeowners Insurance with Chubb is great protection at an affordable rate.
If you are a first time home buyer or have owned many homes over a long
period of time, talk to us about Homeowners Insurance with Chubb. It will
be well worth your time. When you are in the market for Homeowners Insurance,
give us a call at (201) 939-1076 and discover the great coverage offered
by Chubb.  Insuring your home with Chubb is a great idea!