Don’t forget to turn your clocks AHEAD one hour on Saturday night at 2 a.m.



For most of us, the annual event of Daylight Saving Time means that Spring is “right around the corner!” After the tough Winter we’ve had here in the northeast, I’m sure everyone is looking forward to some sunnier skies and warmer temperatures.

But, daylight saving time should also give us an opportunity to check up on some “household chores” to make sure we all stay safe and protected in the future. Here’s a list of some things you should do:

1) Change the batteries in your smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and your alarm clocks. It’s recommended that these batteries be swapped out every six months, so that naturally coincides with daylight savings time changes. Proper testing and maintenance on these items may easily prevent any future tragedies.

2) If you own a home, check your roof, drains and gutters to make sure they’re free of debris and not subject to leaks.

3) If you have a fireplace, it might be time for a “spring cleaning.” Good maintenance is always essential in the enjoyment of such a luxury.

4) Check your walls, floors and basement for dampness to avoid the possibility of mold and mildew. If need be, get a humidifier and change its filter regularly.

5) If you have a washer and dryer, give them a cleaning, especially the lint trap in the dryer, since that is a major cause of many house fires.

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