How Does an Energy Efficient Washing Machine Save Energy?

Buying a washing machine is a major purchase, and if you are in the market for a new washing machine you’ll be keen to get good value for money. Your old washing machine may have failed and caused a flood in the laundry room and a water damage claim on your New Jersey homeowners insurance, so you’ll be looking to avoid that experience with your new washing machine.

You have probably noticed Energy Star rated front loading washing machines in the appliance showroom, and you may be wondering how an energy efficient washing machine saves energy. While a top loading washing machine rotates clothes and a full tub of water, a front loading washing machine rotates water through clothes at the bottom of the tub. This design difference is the key to most of the efficiency gain.

-Water use is reduced.  Energy efficient front loading washing machines typically use less than 25 gallons of water per load(compared with 40 gallons for a regular washing machine).
-Using less hot water saves on energy consumed in heating water.
-Using less water reduces the amount of laundry detergent used.
-Using less water reduces the amount of effluent that passes into the sewer system.
-Improved motors reduce electricity consumption.
-A final high speed spin cycle removes more water, reducing drying time and reducing energy consumed by the dryer.

Having chosen your new washing machine, prolong its life by maintaining it well. Make regular checks on the hoses of your washing machine to avoid a laundry flood and a claim on New Jersey homeowners insurance.