Why Use an Insurance Agent?

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Most people search for everything online these days, and insurance agents are no exception. However, it’s important to realize that search results simply cannot replace human interaction and local knowledge. If you are looking for a particular type of insurance in Bergen County, our independent insurance agents at Bogle Agency Insurance can help you find the coverage you need.


What Do Insurance Agents Do For The Customer?

In the simplest terms, an insurance agent works as a liaison between you and the insurance company, providing all of your administration needs and helping you find coverage that suits your needs. There are two types of insurance agents: captive and independent. Captive agents represent one company and independent agents provide a conduit to numerous agencies. Bogle Insurance Agency acts as an independent insurance agent, offering you access to numerous products from a variety of companies, ensuring that you get the coverage you need from the insurance company that will provide you with the best value and service. Insurance agents act on behalf of the insurance companies they are representing.

An insurance broker is a licensed and educated individual who has the ability to analyze the needs of a business. This is similar to an independent agent but in this case, a broker is required to hold a broker’s license. As a result, there is a higher liability associated with the license and the expertise a broker provides. There is often a charge associated with a brokerage as well in addition to the commission realized from the insurance company. Brokers represent the insured.


Deciding How To Choose Your Insurance Representative


The choice of whether you go with a Bergen County insurance agent or a broker is yours. Your top priority should be getting the coverage you need at a fair price and choosing a company with a solid reputation matters. Bogle Agency Insurance has extensive experience selling insurance in Bergen County. We represent a large number of insurance companies allowing us to help our clients select the best possible coverage and obtain the best pricing at the same time. In addition, our Bergen County insurance agency is a member of the American Insurance Marketing and Sales Society (AIMS), Independent Insurance Agents of America (IIAA), and Professional Insurance Agents Association (PIA). We have access to a limitless number of resources, are highly knowledgeable, and look out for the best interests of our clients.

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