Yes, folks! Even the Academy Awards Ceremony coming up this Sunday has a need for insurance.

But, while custom jewelers utilize something called “block” insurance to protect their valuable merchandise lent out to the stars and starlets of Hollywood, here at Bogle Agency Insurance we can create your own custom coverage for family heirlooms, gems and watches, just to name a few of the items that need protection.


Here, according to the website,, is how it works in Hollywood:

How does a 40-carat Harry Winston princess necklace find its way onto the sculpted shoulders of Gwyneth Paltrow as she accepts the 1999 Academy Award for best actress in “Shakespeare in Love”?

“Sometimes the jewelers seek out the individual, sometimes the clothing designer seeks out the jewelry, and sometimes the customer has a relationship with Winston or whomever,” says Janece White, vice president and jewelry underwriting specialist for Chubb Group of Insurance Companies.

While celebrities sometimes purchase the pieces they borrow, it’s not the norm for good reason.

White says jewelers typically carry what’s called “jewelers block” coverage that protects their entire jewelry inventory. While the block policies of a Harry Winston or Tiffany’s may extend coverage to items on loan or consignment, coverage stops at the point of transfer.

“Our insurance covers the jewelry until it’s in the celebrity’s hands, then they are responsible for it,” says custom jeweler, Jorge Adeler.

The jeweler’s insurer will typically require the celebrity to either show proof of sufficient “valuable articles coverage” or sign an agreement that assumes financial responsibility for loss, damage, and theft out of his or her own pocket.

“If the celebrity already has jewelry coverage, their insurer may be able to extend its limits to cover the event,” White says. “But if they don’t have coverage, it would be very difficult to buy insurance for those couple of days. They would have to buy short-term coverage from an insurance broker through a syndicate like Lloyd’s of London, and it would be very expensive.”

Now, you may not be insuring the Hope Diamond, but your valuables are just as important to us at Bogle Agency Insurance. As independent agents in business since 1919, we know how to keep your precious items protected, and at the best possible price.

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Enjoy the Oscars this Sunday, and may all your picks be winning ones!