Why you need it, and how to get it!

Get your New Jersey life insurance quote today from the Bogle Agency.

Do your eyes start to glaze over whenever anyone starts to talk about life insurance? Term life, whole life, universal life, what does it all mean? And the chances of you ever needing to use it are so low, why bother learning all the jargon?

Think again. Life insurance is a crucial planning tool for the people you love. Whether it’s making sure that your kids can go to college, your spouse is taken care of or just leaving some extra money behind to your heirs, you can’t ignore life insurance. So let us make understanding it a little easier.

There are three major types of insurance we offer: term, whole and universal. All are great policies with different purposes. Let’s break it down:

Term Life is life insurance that you purchase for a specific period of time, in increments of 10, 15, 20 or 30 years. Maybe you want to have a policy as long as the kids are still in school, or until your mortgage is paid off. Term life lets you make sure there’s enough money for all of these things without a lifetime commitment.

Whole Life lets you adjust how you use your life insurance policy as your needs change. While you’ll always receive death benefits, a whole life policy also includes a cash value that you can draw upon. Maybe it’s to pay medical bills or to help out with retirement—it’s there for you to use as you need, and to adapt over time.

Universal Life is a balanced plan offering you a strong death benefit protection as well as plenty of opportunities for investing and growth on a tax-deferred basis.

Here are the top five reasons you need life insurance:
1. You’ll protect your family’s future
2. Benefits are paid immediately.
3. No federal income tax on benefits.
4. Stays with you, even if your employer doesn’t.
5. Peace of mind.

Bogle Agency Offers You:
1. Affordable Rates
2. High Quality Coverage
3. Customized Quotes
4. Expert Advice
5. Savings up to 70%

It’s more affordable than you think. Get your life insurance quote today from Bogle Agency Insurance.

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