Limiting NJ Liability Insurance Claims During Block Parties

Block parties might be a great way to advertise your business and attract new customers during the summer. They also take a lot of money and planning. Unfortunately, there is a chance that all your hard work could be wasted should an illness or injury occur at your event. Before hosting such a large gathering, ensure your NJ liability insurance policy could cover the expenses related to accidents at block parties.  The following tips might be useful to keep in mind.

  • Avoid stretching extension cords across pedestrian walkways.
  • Provide weatherproof cover and protection for electrical equipment and generators in case of unexpected rain. Take all other necessary measures to prevent accidental electrocution.
  • When serving food, make sure it is properly prepared and kept at the correct temperature.
  • Assign certain staff to help control crowds, especially if you plan to give out freebies.
  • Bouncy houses and other children’s amusement items should always be set up according to the manufacturer’s directions to reduce risk of injury; children should be well supervised.

To make your block party an even bigger success, consider joining up with other local businesses. With a bigger budget, you may be able to afford more attractions and advertisements. Whether you collaborate with nearby establishments or decide to go it alone, ensure you have the appropriate NJ liability insurance in place.