Lyndhurst NJ Recreational Vehicle Insurance Services

It’s Almost The Season For A Road Trip


It’s been a mild winter on the East Coast this year. The rest of the country has been pummelled with storm after storm, some very severe. It would be nice to think that Road Trip season is just around the corner. Even if the conditions for traveling in your Recreational Vehicle may not be ideal now, they will be soon. You should start thinking about getting ready. One important factor in getting ready is to consider NJ Recreational Vehicle Insurance. Bogle Agency Insurance agents are experienced in helping RV owners update their insurance regularly.

Of course, don’t forget to get the Recreational Vehicle itself ready to take a long trip. Below are some helpful tips for readying your trailer or RV.


Gearing Up The RV For Travel


1. Check Engine – You want to make certain your engine is in optimum shape before embarking on a road trip. Change the oil and check on all fluids.

2. Check the tires – Long trips put a lot of wear on tires, so this is an essential step in getting ready. You don’t want to fix a flat during a road trip, and blowouts can be dangerous.

3. Check the Batteries – If your RV has been dormant for a while, the batteries can lose their charge. Have the batteries checked and if they are not at full charge, consider replacing them.

4. Check Water and Sewer Lines – Checking pumps, looking for leaks, and flushing lines are all helpful in avoiding water or sewer line problems during a road trip.

5. Get the RV washed! – The people traveling inside the vehicle will enjoy the trip more after a thorough cleaning inside and out.

6. And of course – take a look at your RV insurance. Yearly evaluations can save you money.


A Professional Insurance Agent Knows What You Need


Bogle Agency Insurance, located in Lyndhurst, Bergen County NJ offers insurance policies for Recreational Vehicles, providing broad coverage for NJ owners with top carriers. Give us a call and make an appointment to sit down with one of our knowledgeable agents to talk about the best coverage for your RV. We can be reached at (201) 939-1076.