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Winter Safety Tips For NJ Small BusinessFor small business owners, winter weather can be extremely stressful. From the worry that the weather will cause a loss in income, to figuring out how to remain open while keeping both employees and customers safe, it can be overwhelming. Not to mention keeping the building itself from damage and heavy wear. These NJ Small Business Winter Safety Tips can help you prepare a solid plan and limit the stress.

Small Businesses Must Plan for Snow Maintenance In NJ

Put someone on your staff in charge of preparing for winter weather. This includes monitoring the weather and alerting staff the forecast.  You can also have this person arrange signage for your entry ways and parking lots alerting customers to be ware of ice, etc if this is applicable. Have them make sure you are fully stocked with shovels, salt, snowblowers, etc to make sure you are ready when the weather hits.  This person should also develop a plan to contact employees to advise them of the plans for the weather, ie. closed for the day, or a delayed opening. You and your staff should also develop a plan for who clears walkways and parking lots, etc.

When Snow Maintenance is to be Done by Contractors make sure you conform ahead of time that they will be taking care of your sow removal and have a guaranteed written contract. Also make sure you have a back up plan in the event something goes wrong. 

More NJ Small Business Winter Safety Tips

Prepare Entry Areas

It is a very good idea to place “walk-off” mats at entries during periods of rain or snow. Make sure to check the condition of the mats,  ensuring that the edges are flat and do not create a tripping hazard. Also be sure to keep tiled surfaces dry and place wet floor signs in all applicable areas.

Prepare Sidewalks

Determine ahead of time who is responsible for clearing the sidewalks. It will likely be you, not your town so you must make sure that you have a designated staff member n charge of doing this task, or your snow removal contractor includes sidewalks in their services. Snow covered sidewalks are a major liability!

Clear Snow

Make sure all of the following areas applicable to your business are clear of snow and ice.

  • Hydrants
  • Control Valves and Hose Houses
  • Sidewalks, Ramps and Entryways
  • Driveways
  • Roads
  • Heating and Ventilation Equipment and Ducts
  • Roofs
  • Overhangs
  • Canopies

Snow Placement

When snow is being removed, it needs to be placed somewhere else. This place will have to be on your property. You will need to determine the best placement for this snow that is safe during freeze and thaw temperatures.

Snow placement should always be away from:

  • Main Entry and Walkways .
  • Away from Hydrants, Fire Department Connections and Outside Sprinkler Control Valves.
  • Where it will not drain onto the parking lot, street or sidewalk and re-freeze.

In Bergen County and throughout New Jersey, we can always be sure to expect winter weather and need to be prepared as business owners. Neglecting these NJ Small Business Winter Safety Tips can leave you open to liabilities no small business owner ever wants to face.

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