Teaching Your Teen to Drive

Teaching your teenager to drive may be a nerve-wracking experience, but it is important to try to remain calm, and not scream out “brake!” every time they scare you. Before allowing your teenager to test for a learner’s permit, don’t forget to update your insurance policy. It’s a good idea to talk to your agent about a New Jersey auto insurance quote, and see what effect adding a teenage driver will have on your premium.

When taking your teenager out driving for the first time, there are some simple steps that might make it easier on both parties.

•    You may want to start in an empty parking lot, and then progress to side streets with little traffic.

•    It might be wise to discuss the particular driving skills you will be practicing beforehand, and make sure your teen knows the right route to take.

•    While riding in the car, make sure you give your teen simple directions early enough for the directions to be processed and obeyed.

•    You may want to refrain from distracting your teen with too much talking, but do remember to offer praise when deserved.

•    Should your teen make a mistake, it may be best to pull off the road and discuss the mistake right away.

•    Upon returning home, you and your teen may want to offer feedback to each other.

Teaching your teenager to drive does not have to be terrifying. Remaining calm is very important, and getting a good New Jersey auto insurance quote from your agent may be equally important so you are correctly insured for the new driver.