The High Cost of DUIs

Are you disappointed in your recent New Jersey auto insurance quote? Sometimes people fail to realize how extensive the effects of their poor driving history can be. One of the worst things you could have on your record is a DUI, but high insurance rates may be the least of your worries if you drive after drinking.

When you drive drunk, you are always at risk of being pulled over by a police officer. Should this happen you could face hefty fines, tickets, jail time and license suspension, even if it is your first offense. Consider this – it could cost you hundreds of dollars by the time the court case is over, but how much would you pay for a cab ride home?

More importantly, DUIs lead to thousands of deaths and injuries every year. You may feel like it is your life, so you have the right to risk it by driving under the influence of alcohol but what about the drivers and pedestrians around you? Often times it can be the drunk driver who walks away and the other people involved in the wreck that are killed.

Have you been convicted of a DUI in the past three years? You may have to settle for paying a little more for auto insurance for now. By making smart decisions behind the wheel however, your next New Jersey auto insurance quote may be a little more to your liking.*