The Plymouth Rock Teacher’s Auto Insurance Plan From Bogle Agency Insurance

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Bogle Agency Insurance, in partnership with Plymouth Rock Assurance of NJ, is proud to offer the Teacher’s Auto Insurance Plan of New Jersey.  The plan makes educators and those who work in a school system, eligible for big discounts through Plymouth Rock Assurance Insurance Company of New Jersey.

New policyholders can save an average of $700 per year when switching to the Teacher’s Plan, but that’s not all!  Every policyholder also receives Free Roadside Assistance, which includes free towing, flat tire repair, vehicle lock-out service, battery and fluid replenishment service and special travel concierge assistance at no additional cost!

Other features of the Teacher’s Plan include: $0 deductible for vandalism or accident, if on school property, $0 deductible and $1,000 coverage for school property in insured vehicle, and $0 deductible if accident while traveling to school sanctioned function in official capacity (i.e., football coach, student functions.)

To be considered eligible for this program, you only need to get a paycheck from a school.  That includes charter schools, private schools and day care, with structured instruction time, but not just babysitting. Bogle Agency Insurance offers an annual policy through this program with several available payment plans.

“We appreciate the opportunity to assist our educators with this program,“ said Philip R. Bogle, owner of Bogle Agency Insurance. “It’s just a little chance to give back to those who shape the future of our youngsters.  It’s a great plan with solid savings available and we look forward to offering it to our new and existing clients.”

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