Today Is National Insurance Awareness Day

Today Is National Insurance Awareness Day!

Celebrate today’s holiday with us at Bogle Agency Insurance by reviewing your New Jersey coverages to make sure you are fully protected.



In today’s rushed, hurry up society, many things tend to slip through the cracks and we urge you not to let your insurance be one of them! With the economy as difficult as it is, you don’t want one misfortune or disaster to impact you negatively for years. Believe us, it can happen and it’s our job at Bogle Agency Insurance to make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

If not today, then perhaps over the weekend, think about the insurance coverages you currently have and if any changes need to be made to them, both in your personal life and maybe for your business. Here are some examples where you may have to change, or add to your exisiting coverages.

Home/Renters: Maybe you have installed additional security features in your home? Have you purchased more valuables? These key changes can affect the benefits and costs of the coverage you have.

Auto: Do you drive more or less? Is your car older, or losing some of its worth? You may be able to slash some coverage or get a discount!

Life: Do you have term life insurance? You need to know when that policy ends!

Business: Are you offering new products? New employees, or liabilities? A new or different company car? All of these changes will affect you.

Health: With the Affordable Care Act on the way for 2014, there will be drastic changes in the way health insurance is issued. Will it affect you? Probably.

Flood: With more and more storms popping up, it is imperative that you protect your property in the event of water damage. A standard homeowners policy does not cover flooding.

These are just a few of the instances where you might need to “rethink” and “re-evaluate” your insurance and all of us at Bogle Agency Insurance are here to help! So, celebrate National Insurance Awareness Day by giving us a call at 201-939-1076 or 1-877-453-7358. Or you just visit our state of the art website at to request a quote or look at the different types of insurance we offer. We’re here for YOU!