Types of NJ Liability Insurance for Businesses

Isn’t being your own boss great? Owning your own business may be your greatest achievement, but without sufficient insurance, you could be at risk of losing everything you have worked so hard for. There are three basic types of NJ liability insurance your business needs for its assets to be properly protected.

General liability, sometimes called “slip-and-fall” insurance, may be the most well-known type of liability insurance. This coverage is designed to pay for the costs related to a third party being injured on your property. Not only does this kind of liability cover medical bills, but it could also pay for the court expenses should a lawsuit be filed against your business.

With product liability, you can be compensated for monetary losses due to malfunctioning or dangerous products. This type of coverage is not just for businesses that manufacture goods, but also those that sell and distribute them. How much coverage do you need? This depends on how high a risk you have of running into this kind of liability issue and how serious the type of injury that could occur.

Errors and omissions insurance, also known as “professional liability”, was created to protect business assets against claims of malpractice and negligence. This is common with medical professionals as well as lawyers. Many business owners could benefit from having this coverage, especially those that offer a service, such as personal trainers.

Is your business lacking in NJ liability insurance? Do not go one more day without the proper coverage. Contact an agent now to discuss the type of liability coverage most suitable for your enterprise.