Preventing Water Damage In Your Home

Bergen County NJ Water Damage Prevention Tips 

Water Damage Prevention Tips | Bogle Agency Insurance Bergen County NJThe season for hurricanes and heavy thunderstorms is upon us in NJ,  and with that it is time to make sure your house is fortified against the heavy wind and rain summer storms produce. Bergen County NJ is no stranger to sometimes severe summer weather. At Bogle Agency Insurance we want to be sure that our Bergen County clients, and all our clients are safe and prepared for summer weather. In addition to safety concerns we also want to be sure that our customers take steps to reduce the costs of property damage and property damage insurance claims. These water damage prevention tips will help you hedge against damage and keep your home a safer place.


Bergen County NJ Water Damage Prevention Tips | Seal All Gaps

Over time, weather and aging can cause gaps around windows and doors. They can also form around water faucet pipes, gas pipes, around air conditioners, electrical outlets, junction boxes, circuit breakers, and electric and water meters. If water gets through these gaps, it can cause significant damage and costly repairs. To seal these gaps before water has a chance to enter, apply caulk to the area.


Bergen County NJ Water Damage Prevention Tips | Redirect Pooling Water

Pooling water near a house can lead to significant interior damage.

  • Make sure grading leads water away from your home and not towards it.
  • Add ground or French drains to help move water away from the house.
  • If there are homer within 6 inches of the ground, caulk around them. Also use sandbags when a severe rain producing storm is predicted.


Install A Sump Pump To Prevent Water Damage In NJ

  • Install a sump pump with a battery backup system.
  • For highest level of effectiveness, install the sump pump away from the basement walls and have positive drainage away from the building.


Protect Vents And Soffits To Prevent Water Damage In Bergen County NJ

No matter which way your roof is vented, whether it be vents on the roof, gable end vents, or vents under eaves or overhangs, wind-blown rain can enter. Soffits themselves can also can also fall victim to water damage. To perform properly during high winds, it is especially important that vinyl and aluminum soffits be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation requirements for high wind conditions.


Seal Your Roof Deck | Bergen County NJ Water Damage Prevention Tips

Sealing the deck of your roof provides an added layer of protection against water damage. It should be sealed to stay in place if the primary roof cover blows off. It should also be water-tight enough to keep water out of the attic should you lose the primary roof cover.


These water damage prevention tips will help reduce the costs of repairs and insurance claims along with keeping your home a safe and secure space for your family in Bergen County NJ, or anywhere there is a threat of severe weather.