Commercial Umbrella Insurance For NJ Businesses

Commercial Umbrella Insurance For NJ Businesses

Commercial umbrella insurance is an extra layer of liability coverage for NJ business owners that extends coverage beyond the underlying insurance policies. A layer of coverage over policies such as general liability and auto liability, including judgments that exceed the scope of standard liability coverage protection for some events that are typically excluded. It will help to cover legal fees, damages, and medical expenses associated with a claim that may exceed primary policy insurance limits.

Despite your efforts to find the best possible liability insurance protection, you might still feel too exposed in today’s litigious society. It’s certainly a concern to keep in mind as you explore your various options. That option, however, is a Bergen County, NJ, umbrella insurance policy from Bogle Agency Insurance available to all NJ residents.

Here at Bogle Agency Insurance, we recommend that all businesses consider carrying a Commercial Umbrella to better protect against loss in today’s modern world.

Why Buy an NJ Umbrella Policy?

It’s hard to overlook the increasingly litigious nature of the world where we live and work today. People sue for various slights and injuries, actual or perceived. The costs of litigation are punitive in their own rights. Umbrella coverage helps to cover the costs of your legal defense as well as any payments awarded – especially when those awards exceed the limits of your general liability policy.

Why is this additional coverage so important? Without it, your business assets could be at risk to cover the damages awarded to the other party in the aftermath of a lawsuit.


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Why Bogle Insurance Agency Support Is Your Best Bet

When it comes to the tough decisions related to various business insurance coverages, including Umbrella coverage, you will want the most experienced professional agency. Bogle Agency Insurance, based in Lyndhurst Bergen County, NJ, not only offers you, your family, and/or your business commercial liability insurance options, but we can help you understand all the liability insurance variables. At Bogle Agency Insurance, we are your Bergen County, NJ, Business Insurance advocate … and we are not the insurance carrier. We are a family insurance practice, four generations and 100 years, dedicated to helping you make the best possible decision. Simply request a quote to get started today!