NJ Commercial Insurance Bonds

Bergen County NJ Commercial Insurance BondsBonds may not exactly count as insurance, but in most cases they provide a degree of assurance. In some industries, they serve as a necessary means of backing up your obligations to the people who hire you. In other instances, they serve to protect your business from the actions of duplicitous employees, contractors, or subcontractors.

Types of Bonds

There are many different types of bonds. The first bonds to explore are contract bonds. There are essentially three different types of contract bonds that Bogle Agency Insurance handles on a regular basis.

Contract Bonds

1) Performance Bonds

Sometimes referred to as a contract bond, the performance bond serves as surety that the terms of a contract will be fulfilled on time.

2) Bid Bonds

According to the terms of the contract upon the winning of the bid, these bonds offer a guarantee that work will begin.

3) Payment Bonds

This particular bond offers assurances that the main contractor will dispense appropriate payments to all subcontractors and vendors.

The purpose of bonds is take some of the risk or uncertainty away for project owners when contracting help. However, these are not the only types of bonds available through Bogle Agency Insurance.

Other bonds we offer that apply to business include the following:

Indemnity Bonds

Indemnity bonds provide assurances that the project will end as scheduled. If the project is not delivered on time and as promised, then the contractor has promised to indemnify the purchaser against losses stemming from the failure to deliver by the prescribed deadline.

License Bonds

These bonds are important because they guarantee that the principal will follow the codes and regulations established by the Obligee (typically a government entity).

NJ Commercial Insurance Bonds | Are Bonds Necessary for Businesses?

Some businesses will never have a need for a bond. Other businesses in other industries will use them on a fairly regular basis. Bonds are tools for establishing credibility and make you, as the contractor, a partner in risk if things do not go according to schedule.

Additionally, insurance bonds serve as added incentive for you to meet deadlines, achieve goals, and avoid shortcuts that could place the project in jeopardy.

While most of the bonds mentioned above are considered part and parcel for people in the construction and, on occasion, manufacturing industries, there are other bonds that interest business owners for different reasons.  Such as fidelity bonds. These offer businesses protection from the actions of employees like embezzlement and other financial or legal losses.

Finally, there is the environmental surety bond, which is something businesses are becoming increasingly interested in. These bonds are for businesses that are interested in sustainability and provides assurance that environmental precautions were taken throughout the building process.

NJ Commercial Insurance Bonds | Why Choose Bogle Agency Insurance for Your Bonds Needs?

Bogle Agency Insurance has been a force in the field of insurance for more than 90 years. We take pride in our attention to detail and dedication to protecting the people who trust their homes and businesses to us. This one of the reasons we’ve earned the status as a “Best Practices Agency” for 11 consecutive years.

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