Risk Factors


Lyndhurst NJ Common Risks Affecting Homeowners Insurance PremiumsCertain everyday risk factors can have a large effect on your Homeowners Insurance premium. Risk factors are characteristics that make filing a claim more probable. These characteristics can range from the condition of your house to your financial standing. In order to save money on your
Homeowners Insurance, you need to know how to lower the risk factors that your insurance company sees. Bogle Agency Insurance offers the best Homeowners Insurance policies in NJ, with top carriers, but if you ignore the common risks affecting Homeowners Insurance premiums, you may pay more.


Some Common Risks Affecting Homeowners Insurance Are:

1. Deductible

An insurance policy deductible is the amount you pay before the policy
coverage kicks in. The reason for deductibles is to reduce negligence
in the care of the property by the policyholder. A higher deductible
means a lower premium.

2. Replacement Cost

This refers to the amount it would cost to rebuild your house. The more
expensive the item you are insuring becomes, the more the insurance
company would have to pay out in the event of a loss.

3. Condition Of The House

The condition of the house you are insuring is a major concern in
Homeowners Insurance policies. If there is damage to a part of
a home like the roof or foundation, insurance companies would take
that into consideration when determining the premium amount. This
damage should be seen to promptly, to avoid costly insurance caims
in the future. Some companies may deny coverage if there is serious
damage to the roof or foundation of a house.

4. Pets

Surprise – yes your pets can make your Homeowners Insurance cost more!
Certain dog breeds are considered more dangerous to the public than
others. This probably doesn’t apply to your dog but it is a factor
based on statistical analyses by insurance companies.

5. Proximity to a Fire Station

Another suprising risk factor that insurance companies take into
account when determining premium cost is travel time from the nearest
fire station to your home. According to insurance industry institutions
fire claims make up a substantial portion of property claims. The
distance from a fire house to your house may make the difference between
a total loss or only minor damage.

6. Credit History

Credit history is a factor in determining insurance rates. Payment
history, current debt and other elements are all considerations in how
much premiums will be. The thinking is that this reduces the risk of


Risk Management Can Reduce Homeowners Insurance Premiums


If you do all you can to lessen the risk of an insurance claim, it may help
lower your insurance costs. Although some risk problems are more easily
fixed, you should be aware that knowing about these risk factors and working
to alleviate them, can lower Homeowners Insurance premiums over time.

Bogle Agency Insurance offers Homeowners Insurance to homeowners in Bergen
and Morris County NJ. We can help you discover potential risks you may face
before you have a high Homeowners Insurance premium. We are always working
to provide you with the best insurance coverage for the lowest price. If you
are looking for Homeowners Insurance give us a call at (201) 939-1076.


Cyber Crime Is A 21st Century Threat


Lyndhurst NJ Cyber Protection InsuranceUnless you are in the tech industry you might not be focused on the threat of Cyber Crime. Most of us have a computer but may not think we are vulnerable to internet crime risk. This type of criminal activity is difficult to resolve and it should be a concern to every computer
user. Bogle Agency Insurance offers Masterpiece Cyber Protection with Chubb to NJ clients, providing a broad range of coverage. Cyber Crime insurance protection is something we all need to be thinking about.


What Benefits Does Masterpiece Protection Offer Me?


Chubb’s Masterpiece Cyber Protection Insurance protects against the threat of releasing your
personal information. Additionally it protects you against the loss of financial security.
Online harassment can result in loss of income, discipline at school, and also considerable
emotional stress. If your home run business is attacked you are covered. The theft of personal
data that results in defamation of character and compromises your security is covered also.
Having to restore your online identity can be a long and stressful process. This Chubb
insurance helps shorten the odious task of internet identity restoration. Cyber crime should
be a concern in our modern times, and at Bogle we want to make certain you are well insured.


You Are Protected By Experts



Your protection against cyber crime is a priority with Bogle Agency Insurance. This is why we
offer the premium coverage that is provided with Chubb’s Masterpiece Cyber Protection Insurance.

If you and your family spend a lot of time on the internet and think of online security as a
necessity, call Bogle Agency Insurance in Lyndhurst NJ for a consultation. We can be reached at
(201) 939-1076.




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Is Everyone Covered By Workers Compensation Insurance?


Lyndhurst NJ Workers Compensation Insurance ServicesWorkers or employees are covered by Workers Compensation Insurance. Employers must have this insurance in place, but it only covers a worker who is injured or becomes ill while on the job. Workers Compensation Insurance provides compensation for lost wages when you are unable to work. Merely being employed does not cover you, the compensation is only available to you if your illness or injury occurs while working. If you are hurt during your own time off the clock, you are not covered.

If you take a job in a dangerous environment, be sure the employer has a Workers Compensation Policy in effect. Usually all full and part time workers are covered by Workers Compensation Insurance. If you are an independent contractor, you have to have your own personal Workers Compensation coverage.  Bogle Agency Insurance has been guiding businesses and employees toward the proper insurance protections needed in NJ for many years.


Employers Are Required To Have Workers Compensation Insurance


A business that employs more than one person must have Workers Compensation Insurance in place. To reiterate, you must become ill or be injured while at work for this insurance to cover you.


Professional Help With Workers Compensation Information


Bogle Agency Insurance offers a full array of insurance options for New Jersey business owners. Our goal is to guide you and make certain you have the insurance coverages to operate a business in this state. Our experienced agents have answers for anyone’s Workers Compensation questions. Bogle wants all workers and employers to have a safe and informed experience in the workplace.

Bogle Agency Insurance can provide Business Insurance, Bonds Coverage, Health Insurance, Property Casualty Insurance, Automobile Insurance, as well as any other protective coverage that a NJ business may need. For a consultation give us a call at (201) 939-1076.


Chubb Covers You On Land and On The Water


Lyndhurst NJ Marine Insurance Protection with ChubbBoating season is fast approaching. Everyone who owns a boat knows the pleasure of skimming across the water with the wind in their face. This is an exhilarating experience that you want to protect. Bogle Agency Insurance offers top boating insurance with Chubb Recreational Marine coverage.


Complete Coverage Tailored to You


The protection offered with Chubb Recreational Marine Insurance is written with your unique requirements in mind. If the unexepected should occur, Chubb is committed to making your return to the water quick. If your watercraft is damaged, you are able to choose who does the repairs. They never ask you to accept repairs of a lesser quality. Claims are processed and paid in record time. If things on the boat need replacement, such as technology, custom furniture, woodwork or anythings else, these would be replaced with parts of equal quality. If anyone is injured on the boat, medical expense coverage is available. The coverage included in a Chubb policy goes beyond a standard contract and covers you fully.


Enjoy A Higher Level Of Protection


Bogle Agency Insurance offers this Chubb Recreational Marine Insurance to boat owners in NJ because we believe it is the best. Our goal is always to provide the top protection available to our clients. If you are a boat owner, call us today and talk to one of our experienced agents about Chubb Recreational Marine Insurance and experience a higher level of protection. We can be reached at 201-939-1076.


Additional Insurance Coverage


Bogle offers a wide range of insurance coverages, such as Homeowners Insurance, Automobile Insurance, Business Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, and so much more. Call us today for information on any type of insurance you need.



NJ Life & Disability Insurance

Lyndhurst NJ Life & Disability Insurance ServicesLife & Disability insurance coverages are necessary and very personal choices for NJ residents. Bogle Agency Insurance has been helping the people of NJ select the Life & Disability Insurance that best covers their needs for a great many years. We’ve been in the insurance business for over 100 years. We offer honest advice about the type of coverage you need at your current time of life.

Life Insurance Options

Our experienced agents at Bogle Agency Insurance like to meet with a person face to face to discuss the various Life Insurance options available. These choices can be confusing as there are different types of Life Insurance, and the coverage can vary by individual. We will meet with you at your office or your home. The foremost reason to buy Life Insurance is to financially protect your family when you pass away. If you are the sole income for a family, life insurance is an important choice. Depending upon the options you choose when purchasing Life Insurance, it may cover your final expenses when you die, and possibly more.

Generally the Life Insurance options to chose from are:

  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Term Life Insurance
  • Combined Whole and Term Life Insurance

Learn more about NJ Life Insurance Options.

Disability Insurance Options

Disability Insurance is intended to replace income lost when an adverse condition prevents you from working.

Long-Term Disability Insurance

Long-term disability coverage replaces a part of your income during an extended disabling illness or accidental injury.

Short-Term Diability Insurance

Shot-term disability insurance replaces a part of your income lost during the first weeks of an illness or accidental injury.

Learn What Coverage is Available To You

Knowledgeable agents at Bogle Agency Insurance are ready to discuss your Life & Disability options at a convenient time for you. There are various choices involved and you may feel the need to sit down and talk to someone who can help. We have been meeting the insurance needs of Bergen and Morris County, and all NJ residents for many years. We stand ready to talk about your needs too. For expert help mining the Life & Disability Insurance options open to you, call Bogle Agency Insurance at (201) 939-1076.

Bogle Agency Insurance offers many different insurance coverages to NJ residents. We can provide Automobile Insurance, Business Insurance, Health Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, Umbrella Insurance and even Pet Insurance.


High Value Asset Insurance Coverage with Chubb


Lyndhurst NJ High Vale Asset Insurance with Chubb
Bogle Agency Insurance, located in Bergen County NJ is proud to offer top-of-the-line insurance with top carriers to NJ clients. One example is Personal Lines Insurance for High Value Assets with Chubb. This coverage is meant for successful families and individals with prized possessions who want the best insurance protection. This insurance covers belongings with true value and not a discounted idea of value. Chubb has always prided itself upon superior service, protection and support with real interest in evaluating and protecting your personal assets properly. Claims are reviewed and paid quickly. Chubb’s focus is in protecting you fully and responding to your needs with speed.


What Are High Value Assets?


High Value Assets are those possessions that are worth more than the average. This could mean a house or a real estate portfolio, a fine art collection, a jewelry collection, rare books, a yacht. In other words things that are valued higher and deserve more protection than the ordinary.  Personal Lines Insurance for High Value Assets with Chubb is an investment in peace of mind.


Benefits of Chubb’s High Value Asset Insurance


Bogle Agency Insurance offers this special coverage with Chubb because we believe it provides our clients with benefits. Some of those may be:

1. Superior resources for evaluating and covering property.

2. Catering to the needs of first time home buyers with insurance tailored to them.

3. Ability to identify the quality in distinctive assets, and never offering  inferior replacements.

4. High level contractors and specialists for valuation and replacement.

5. Full coverage, not half way or partial.

6. Speedy and efficient claims service.


Finding The Best Coverage For You


Bogle Agency Insurance has been helping NJ residents and businesses find the best insurance coverage for their requirements for over 100 years. This gives us knowledge, experience and flexibility in offering insurance coverage for our clients. Chubb is one of the top insurance carriers in America and at Bogle we are happy to be able to offer their products. If you feel you have valuable assets that need special coverage, give us a call at (201)39-1076 to speak with one of our knowledgeable agents.

Bogle also offers a complete line of insurance coverage for personal protection such as Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Automobile Insurance and even Pet Insurance. We also provide policies to businesses to protect against liability or theft with comprehensive Business Insurance.


Are You Ready For Road Trip Season?


Lyndhurst NJ Recreational Vehicle Insurance ServicesWhile most people don’t think of RVing during the winter months, spring, summer and fall are prime road trip time. Travelling in a recreational vehicle leaves you room to explore and save money on travel. It may not be time to take a trip in an RV now, but it is time to get your Recreational Vehicle ready for those seasons when travelling the road is ideal. Bogle Agency Insurance offers some tips for getting the RV in top form for taking that “on the road” vacation. We do advise thinking about ways to save money on your RV insurance at the same time.  Let’s talk about insuring a recreational vehicle for your next road trip.

Getting the RV Ready

1. Check the Tires

Before getting on the road, check your tires thoroughly. Long trips put a lot of wear on tires, so this is a very important step. Nobody wants to fix a flat tire during a road trip, and blowouts can be a dangerous possibility.

2. Check the Engine

You want to be sure your engine is in top form before a road trip. Change the oil and check on all the fluids in your vehicle to be sure they are all at optimum levels for a long voyage.

3. Check the Batteries

When they have not been used for a long while, batteries lose their charge. If the batteries are not at full charge, consider replacing them to avoid potential breakdowns.

4. Check Water and Sewer Lines

Problems with water or sewer lines can result in unpleasant odors, and worse. Checking pumps, checking for leaks, flushing lines can all help avoid water or sewer line problems.

5. Give It A Wash!

This will make everyone travelling inside feel good. It’s also a good idea to clean the interior, after all the RV probably has been stored for a while, so it could use a freshening up.

6. Check Your RV Insurance Coverage

As with any other vehicle, RV insurance is based on different factors. Yearly insurance evaluations can save you money, thereby leaving you more money to enjoy having fun on your road trip.


Talk To A Professional Agent About Insurance


Bogle Agency Insurance offers insurance policies for recreational vehicles, and provides broad coverage for affordable prices with top carriers. We will be happy to sit down and talk about the best coverage for your Recreational Vehicle. We can be reached at (201) 939-1076.  Happy Travels!

Bogle Agency Insurance is always ready to discuss any insurance protection you may require.  We offer Business Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, Umbrella Insurance and any insurance coverage that you are in need ot..


You May Need An Excess Liability Policy


Lyndhurst NJ Excess Liability/Umbrella InsuranceIndividuals with valuable assets need insurance that totally covers their families when the unexpected occurs. Most Homeowners Insurance and Automobile Insurance only protect you to a limited degree, so an umbrella or excess liability policy might be a good idea to consider. Chubb Masterpiece Excess Liability Insurance offers some of the highest limits of liability coverage available. This kind of protection should be part of your financial plan. Those with high value assets need greater protection. Excess Liability Insurance with Chubb provides this protection. Bogle Agency Insurance offers this coverage with Chubb. Our agents are always happy to sit down and discuss your requirements and guide you in the choice of coverage that will work for you.


Protection That Covers Like An Umbrella


If you travel extensively, indulge in high level entertaining, offer indulgent recreational facilities at your home (pool, hot tub, trampoline, etc.) you need extra liability insurance. Providing yourself and your family with these things has come about through your hard work. You want to give your family a secure lifestyle and Chubb insurance can help protect you when unexpected events occur without warning.

In addition, we want our cients to know that they are covered for legal representation when those events do occur. Excess liability insurance offers coverage if you should require an attorney. This coverage is available worldwide.


Seek Guidance From A Professional Agent


We at Bogle Agency Insurance are always pleased to discuss Excess Liability Protection that is offered by Chubb. This is premier coverage from a top insurer that Bogle is proud to offer our NJ clients. If you feel that the type of coverage presented by Chubb’s Masterpiece Excess Liability Insurance suits your needs, give us a call at (201) 939-1076 to talk to a knowledgeable agent.

Bogle also offers insurance for other areas of protection such as Homeowners Insurance, Automobile Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Business Insurance and more.


Masterpiece High Value Assets Insurance Protection With Chubb


Lyndhurst NJ High Value Asset Coverage With Chubb
Bogle Agency Insurance offers protection for your valuable possessions with superior coverage by Chubb. This “High Value Asset” coverage provides great service and extraordinary expertise. It is our opinion that this insurance offers premier protection for your family’s treasured assets.  Insuring High Value Assets with Chubb is to your advantage in every way.


Some Specific Things Covered By This Special Insurance


A few of the reasons for insuring your high value assets with Chubb are:

1. When evaluation of your assets is undertaken, highly qualified experts are recommended. These experts are experienced in assessing the value of artwork, antiques, rare books, jewelry and other irreplaceable items.

2. You may be buying your first home with the intention of furnishing it with unique items that are one-of-a-kind. The home may be built on a large property that will require more coverage than a standard homeowners policy would provide. We have a history of advising first-time home buyers with large assets.

3. If any of your valuable or unique assets need repelacement, experts are provided who can identify the value of such items. Inferior replacements are never offered.

4. When needed, top quality professional contractors and specialists are recommended.

5. This coverage is wide-ranging, never partial.

6. Protection against inflation is offered with this coverage.

7. If you file a claim, Chubb Claims Service is very responsive. They work swiftly to assist in any way they can. Whether the claim is for replacement of a stolen or damaged item, or because of an accident, staff supports you.


Chubb Valuable Assets Coverage Provides Protection, Support and Service


Chubb Masterpiece Valuable Asset coverage is provided to individuals or families with personal property that is more highly valued than usual. You have undoubtedly worked hard to attain a high level lifestyle and want to protect it properly. Bogle Agency Insurance offers this Chubb protection with full confidence in your satisfaction. We have long experience in dealing with people and situations like yours and offer our fullest attention. If you feel this extraordinary coverage is for you, please give us a call at (202) 939-1076 for a consultation with one of our experienced agents.

Bogle Agency Insurance offers coverage to Bergen and Morris County residents for Business Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Auto Insurance, Bonds, Umbrella Insurance, Homeowners Insurance and so much more.