How To Prepare For Dangerous Weather In NJ

Prepare For Dangerous Weather In NJ

Prepare For Dangerous Weather In NJ | Bogle Agency InsuranceSpring has sprung in New Jersey, even if it doesn’t completely feel like it.  Along with spring’s swinging temperatures comes unpredictable and at times volatile weather. Thunderstorms are the biggest worry of Spring weather in NJ, and with them come high winds, lightning, and flooding.With spring weather being so unpredictable it is important to prepare for dangerous weather in NJ.

To plan for inclement weather there are several items you should have on hand to make sure you get through not only the weather itself, but any aftermath. The first important item to have on hand is a battery operated flashlight with extra batteries. No one wants to be caught in the dark if hit with a power outage. Flashlights are also much safer and will last longer than candles. Another very important item to have on hand is a battery powered NOAA Weather Radio. Make sure these items are easily accessible so you can get updates on weather conditions if power and cell service are down and do not have to fumble around in the dark if the lights are out. It’s also very wise to have a fully stocked first aid kit, 3-5 days worth of non perishable food and water, along with any necessary personal hygiene items, and blankets and sleeping bags on hand at all times.

Have A Plan

Every home should have an emergency evacuation plan written out and a copy easily accessible for each member of the family. This plan should include a map of your home and routes to safety based on different scenarios from each room in the home.

Along with an evacuation plan there should also be an easily accessible list of important telephone numbers, insurance, property and medical information. Many people choose to keep all of this information together in a binder in a safe waterproof and fireproof area in a place where it can be accessed quickly.

Talk to your family about the possibility of severe weather and go over safety plans regularly. Make sure they know where they can take proper cover in different scenarios. Make sure they know where all the emergency supplies are and that each member of the family knows how to turn off the water, gas and electricity to the house should it be necessary.

Unfortunately there is often little warning when it comes to extreme weather.  Therefor learning how to prepare for dangerous weather as much as possible ahead of time is important. Being prepared not only keeps your insurance risks lower, but it insures that your family remains safe and calm in emergency situations and in turn able to help others in need.