Job Opening: Commercial Lines CSR

Insurance Agency Job Opening: CommercialInsurance Job Opportunity With Bogle Agency Insurance Lyndhurst NJ Lines CSR

Bogle Agency Insurance is seeking a Commercial Lines CSR to assist Producers and Service Staff in servicing existing business, development of agency new production, and current account remarketing.

Some of the key areas the person will be responsible for are:

    1. Working with producers to complete new business submissions.
    2. Entering submissions into the agency and insurance company management system.
    3. Working with insurance companies or comparative rating systems to generate quotes & proposals.
    4. Sending submissions to insurance company underwriters and/or insurance wholesalers.
    5. Working with underwriters and others to generate quotes.
    6. Work with producers to obtain trailing documents.
    7. Following up with carriers to obtain information, as needed.
    8. Remarketing existing accounts when needed.
    9. Working with agency staff to help service and maintain the existing agency business.
    10. Working in any other areas that may be assigned by agency management.

Insurance Agency Job Applicant:

In summary, we are looking for an all-around person to help the agency service and grow the business. You Must be a team player.

Insurance Agency Job Benefits:

      • Competitive Pay
      • Health, Life & Disability Insurance
      • Retirement Benefits
      • Paid PTO
      • Paid Holidays
      • Commission Income

Insurance Agency Applicant Qualifications:

      • Insurance license in Property and Casualty lines.
      • Experience working in an insurance agency or insurance company.
      • Knowledge of commercial and personal insurance lines coverage.
      • Knowledge of AMS360 management system is preferred.
      • Knowledge of Microsoft Outlook/Word/Excel
      • Organizational skills to succeed in a semi-autonomous, fast-paced environment.
      • Initiative and problem-solving skills are desirable.
Apply For Insurance Agency Job Here:

Interested applicants should forward their resume for consideration to:

Erica L. Patrk
Bogle Agency Insurance
200 Stuyvesant Avenue
Lyndhurst, NJ 07071
Phone: #201-939-1076

Announcement: Best Practices Agency

first time home buyer insurance bergen county njIn 2020, Bogle Agency Insurance was selected as a Best Practices Agency. This is our Seventeenth Consecutive Year Being Selected!

Bogle Agency Insurance is part of an elite group of independent insurance agencies around the United States selected as a Best Practices Agency.

Each year the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers Association (IIABA) and Reagan Consulting, an Atlanta-based management consulting firm, join forces to study the country’s leading insurance agencies. The purpose of the Best Practices Study is to compile the operating statistics of the country’s leading insurance agencies. To achieve this objective, the insurance agencies included in the annual study must first be nominated for participation by their peers and/or insurance companies to participate in this study group. The insurance agency must then submit detailed financial and operational information which is analyzed, scored, and ranked objectively for inclusion in the study on the basis of operational excellence including growth, profitability, productivity, and financial stability.

Our insurance agency qualified for participation in this status by ranking among the top performers in the annual Best Practices Study conducted by the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (IIABA) and Reagan Consulting. Of the thousands of insurance agencies in the United States in 2020 only a select few insurance agencies scored high enough to qualify for this award.

We are pleased to have retained our Best Practices Agency Status, as one of the top performing insurance agencies in the country for the past 17 years.

Participation in the Best Practices Study has become a prestigious recognition of the superior accomplishments of the top insurance agencies. Our inclusion with these other outstanding insurance agencies clearly recognizes us as an industry leader.

The Pros & Cons of High Deductible Health Plans

The Pros & Cons of High Deductible Health Plans | Bogle Agency Insurance

The Pros & Cons of High Deductible Health Plans | Bogle Agency InsuranceIt’s no secret that Health Insurance costs have skyrocketed in the past decade. Before, it wasn’t unheard of to receive premium health insurance package from your employer. Today, things are a bit different. As healthcare costs increase, so do the costs that employers face. Naturally, employers have been forced to cut costs resulting in lower-tier health plans for their employees. Additionally, some employers may not offer health plans, so you may find yourself looking for individual coverage. Regardless of the offerings, one of the most important considerations for Health Insurance shoppers is costs. In the past, we’ve covered some tips to help you save money on Health Insurance. A High Deductible Health Plan is one of the best ways to save money on insurance, but it’s not right for every individual.

What is a High Deductible Health Plan?

Oftentimes, these lower-tier Health Insurance plans are High Deductible Health Plans or HDHPs. HDHPs are Health Insurance Plans that have a higher deductible than traditional plans. Deductibles are the total out-of-pocket costs that an individual will pay before Health Insurance begins taking over the costs of health care. High Deductible Health Plans offer lower premiums, but more health care costs for the individual upfront.

When Is A High Deductible Health Plan a BAD Idea?

High Deductible Health Plans are not built for those who frequently experience medical conditions or who have chronic illnesses. In the case of a chronic disease like diabetes, High Deductible Health Plans can increase your total health care costs and prevent you from receiving the care you may require in the event of an inability to pay. For conditions like diabetes, your healthcare is imperative to your everyday life and anything blocking your access to medication or care can create negative effects to your health for the rest of your life. In this case, High Deductible Health Plans are not recommended.

Additionally, older adults who are on various medications and frequent specialists physicians such as cardiologist shouldn’t consider an HDHP. Because all office visits, tests, and medication will be out of pocket until you reach your deductible, you will most likely end up spending more out of pocket than a higher premium, lower deductible plan.


When is a High Deductible Health Plan a GOOD Idea?

A healthy, younger adult with no history of medical conditions or genetic predisposition to diseases can benefit from a High Deductible Health Plan for a few reasons, specifically costs savings. A healthy adult who isn’t currently on medications and doesn’t expect to be in the near future can save thousands of dollars in monthly premiums with a High Deductible Health Plan. Because these plans increase the up-front costs, monthly premiums are typically lower than Low Deductible Health Plans. Since you don’t expect to use much of your health care, you can save a tremendous amount of money while still insuring you have coverage in the event of an unexpected illness.

High Deductible Health Plans are also eligible for an HSA, or Health Savings Account. This savings account allows you to save pre-tax income into an interest-bearing account to help cover your out-of-pocket expenses. Because High Deductible Health Plans can help lower not only your insurance costs but also your employers, many offer matching contributions to HSA accounts.

How Do I Decide Between a High Deductible and a Low Deductible Health Plan?

Shopping for Health Insurance can be tiresome. It is extremely important to evaluate your yearly medical costs and compare these with your Health Insurance quotes. Health Insurance Agents, like those at Bogle Agency Insurance can help you find a plan that not only saves you money but provides the coverage and care you need. Whether you’re shopping as an individual or as an employer, the Bergen County Health Insurance Agents at Bogle Agency Insurance can help! Contact us today to learn more!


Core Insurance Coverages

The Core Coverages for Every Business in New Jersey

By Michael Putrino

May 9, 2019

Bogle Agency Insurance Business Insurance Bergen County NJIt is no secret that starting your own business is risky business. From the inception of your organization, you took your first and probably largest risk. You went out and started your own company. Took on the task of assembling the right employees and keeping them on a productive schedule with little to no downtime.  Contemplated which employee will fill each roll?  Lost sleep over questions like, how much equipment to invest in, should you rent it or own it?  What is my demographic?  What types of services will I provide and to who?  The contemplations and questions are endless, each one with a risk associated with it potentially affecting your ability to effectively run your business.

In addition to all of that, ensuring that your business is properly covered can be an overwhelming feeling.  No matter your business or specialization, here are core coverages that every New Jersey business owner needs in place as a basis for covering their business operations.

1. Commercial General Liability

Undoubtedly the most important of all coverages to have in any business and the foundation to your insurance program is Commercial General Liability.  This provides protection for your business from liability claims arising out of property damage and bodily injury to third parties.

Who is a third party?   Essentially, anyone you encounter on your premises including but, not limited to clients and vendors.  Individuals who come into your showrooms, offices or even your construction yards.  Whether they are there to conduct business, solicit business or are stopping over because they were in the neighborhood.

Just as in other lines of insurance, there are nuances associated with Commercial General Liability.  As a result, it is always best to discuss with your agent to ensure the proper coverage and limits that are necessary for you and your organization.

2. Workers Compensation

If you are in business in the state of New Jersey, Workers Compensation is imperative.  Whether your daily activities are carried out by a two-person crew or you boast an employee count of one hundred plus, you need to provide your employees with coverage for work-related injuries.  Workers Compensation is a no-fault benefit system that assists your employees with reimbursement for lost wages, medical bills and or rehabilitation if they experience an injury at work or because of job-related duties.

The system is designed so that rather than sue you, after suffering a work-related injury, your employee would file a claim against the policy.  The exchange is the employee receives benefits for relinquishing their right to sue you.

Not all employees perform the same duties and as a result, do not have the same risk associated with them.  Each type of work is broken into classification codes and, each classification code is rated differently.  It is vital to have a discussion with a trusted agent so that all employees are under the appropriate class codes to ensure the most responsive worker compensation program.

3. Commercial Auto

I’ve always admired the companies whose history started with a guy and a pickup truck that later blossomed into a huge fleet.  No matter where your company is in comparison, a commercial auto policy is engineered to protect light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles; the pickup, the transit van, the mason dump, and the tri-axel tandem.

The commercial auto policy will cover your company-owned vehicles for both physical damages as well as liability.  Do your employees use their own vehicles for work-related activities? If so, while they would not be covered under the basic commercial auto policy, adding a simple coverage called hired and non-owned autos will have you covered.

Also, it is wise to keep a complete and accurate vehicle inventory.  Whether you are notifying your agent of a new vehicle to add, an older vehicle to remove or it is renewal time for the entire policy, that vehicle inventory will be extremely helpful.

4. Umbrella

What happens when you have all the right coverage in place, but the limits are fully exhausted? Whether it is additional costs for medical expenses, legal fees or relief paid resulting from a lawsuit, a commercial umbrella policy will provide you with the additional coverage needed. This is the extra layer to fully complement the other liability coverages already in place for your business (General Liability & Auto for example)

You work tirelessly to build your company, brand, and assets.  This is your livelihood and your family’s future.  The umbrella will ensure that they are not left at risk due to any of these unforeseen instances that can cause financial hardships for you and your business.

These are the building blocks to construct the most responsive commercial insurance plan for a business owner in the state of New Jersey.  Furthermore, there are additional coverages that may be vital to the organization that you run.

As with all lines of insurance, there are a few nuances that must be addressed in order to ensure that coverage is proper for your business.  It is always best to consult with a well-informed agent who can tailor a program to fit your specific needs.

October Is National Cyber Security Awareness Month! | Bogle Agency Insurance

Cyber insurance NJ
Bogle Agency Insurance, serving insurance needs for business and individuals

Cyber Security is much more than just an industry buzz-word these days. With the exponential growth of technology, our lives have become intertwined with the internet. Those who once fought the use of the internet are now sharing pictures of their vacations on social media. Getting a mortgage is no longer sitting in a bank for hours upon hours but rather sitting on your bed with your laptop. Even visits to your bank’s branch have decreased in favor of online banking. What was once a vague and anonymous land, the internet has become the backbone of our society and our economy. With that comes security threats.

Cyber Security does not just refer to keeping your bank passwords complicated. Although that helps, scammers have found other ways to get access to your accounts for malicious reasons. These scammers aren’t just looking for individuals to steal from either. Two-thirds of all attacks are aimed towards small-to-medium sized businesses.

Small businesses Are A Target For Cyber Attacks

Small businesses are a target for cyber criminals simply because of their vulnerability. While large corporations are spending hundreds of thousands a year protecting their data, whether stored offline or in the cloud, small businesses are not typically protecting themselves in the same fashion due to limited budgets. Another vulnerability that small businesses face is the fact that most business info such as banking, passwords, contacts and even customer payment details are stored on one server, whereas larger businesses use various vendors to control and encrypt their data.

According to UPS Capital, the typical cost to mediate a cyber attack is anywhere from $80,000 to $150,000! Because of this, 60% of businesses will close their doors in the first 6 months following an attack.

How Can A Small – Medium Sized Business Protect Themselves From A Cyber Attack?

  1. Data Encryption!

    Complicated text scrambling can help you keep your data safe from criminals both online and offline! Want to learn more about data encryption?

  2. Keep ALL Computers Clean of Malware!

    There are MANY programs available to protect your computers. A common misconception is that Apple products cannot get infected, this is simply not true! Regardless of who manufactured your systems, make sure you have a trusted anti-virus program

  3. BACK UP!

    What good is your data if it becomes corrupted, stolen or held for ransom via ransomware? I simple mistake such as forgeting to back-up your systems can cost you thousands of dollars. Need help deciding which back-up program to use for your business?

  4. Train Your Employees!

    What good is spending money on various protection measures if your employees don’t know how to avoid common phishing scams. Because the method of ‘phishing’ changes quite frequently, it is important for not only the business owner to stay up to day, but for the owner to pass that knowledge down to anyone using the business hardware

  5. Protect Yourself & Your Business From The Unexpected

    Cyber Insurance is just as important as the rest of the protection methods mentioned above. A Cyber Insurance policy can help mitigate the costs and even the interuptions that a severe cyber attack can cause

Learn more about cyber insurance for your business

Cyber crimes offer a real threat to your business and knowing protection is in place offers peace of mind. Contact our team at Bogle Agency Insurance today and learn more about cyber insurance options from experienced Lyndhurst NJ insurance agents. Our goal is to inform you and help you. Let us design a coverage package that meets your individual needs. Cyber insurance is becoming more important for businesses to have and we want to make sure your business is protected.

Click here to read “Does your business need cyber liability insurance?” from Biz Journals.

How To Prepare For Dangerous Weather In NJ

Prepare For Dangerous Weather In NJ

Prepare For Dangerous Weather In NJ | Bogle Agency InsuranceSpring has sprung in New Jersey, even if it doesn’t completely feel like it.  Along with spring’s swinging temperatures comes unpredictable and at times volatile weather. Thunderstorms are the biggest worry of Spring weather in NJ, and with them come high winds, lightning, and flooding.With spring weather being so unpredictable it is important to prepare for dangerous weather in NJ.

To plan for inclement weather there are several items you should have on hand to make sure you get through not only the weather itself, but any aftermath. The first important item to have on hand is a battery operated flashlight with extra batteries. No one wants to be caught in the dark if hit with a power outage. Flashlights are also much safer and will last longer than candles. Another very important item to have on hand is a battery powered NOAA Weather Radio. Make sure these items are easily accessible so you can get updates on weather conditions if power and cell service are down and do not have to fumble around in the dark if the lights are out. It’s also very wise to have a fully stocked first aid kit, 3-5 days worth of non perishable food and water, along with any necessary personal hygiene items, and blankets and sleeping bags on hand at all times.

Have A Plan

Every home should have an emergency evacuation plan written out and a copy easily accessible for each member of the family. This plan should include a map of your home and routes to safety based on different scenarios from each room in the home.

Along with an evacuation plan there should also be an easily accessible list of important telephone numbers, insurance, property and medical information. Many people choose to keep all of this information together in a binder in a safe waterproof and fireproof area in a place where it can be accessed quickly.

Talk to your family about the possibility of severe weather and go over safety plans regularly. Make sure they know where they can take proper cover in different scenarios. Make sure they know where all the emergency supplies are and that each member of the family knows how to turn off the water, gas and electricity to the house should it be necessary.

Unfortunately there is often little warning when it comes to extreme weather.  Therefor learning how to prepare for dangerous weather as much as possible ahead of time is important. Being prepared not only keeps your insurance risks lower, but it insures that your family remains safe and calm in emergency situations and in turn able to help others in need.


Bergen County NJ Employers: Company Driver Good Practices


Bergen County NJ Company Driver Safety

Bergen County NJ Company Driver Safety | Bogle Agency InsuranceAll companies large and small that employ anyone to drive for them at any capacity needs to have driver safety protocol and clear driving policies. From the largest trucking company, to the mom and pop pizza delivery shop, the well being of  your business and your bottom line depend on it. A Bergen County NJ company driver safety program is a business necessity.

Driver Agreements

Whether or not your employees drive a company vehicle or their personal vehicle for business purposes in Bergen County or throughout NJ, you need to establish a contract with them regarding vehicle operation. This contract should include an acknowledgement from the driver that they are aware of company traffic safety policies and procedures, any driver performance expectations, vehicle maintenance agreements and a duty to report and moving violations received on or even off the clock.

NJ Motor Vehicle Record Checks

Checking the driving record of anyone that will be driving for the purposes of your business in Bergen County and beyond,  is very important. Screening out any potential future problems will save you time, money and in some cases legal issues. Not only should this be done prior to hiring, but you should also conduct a Motor Vehicle Check periodically for all drivers. Set a company policy that clearly state the number of violations you will allow an employee before they will lose their company driving privileges, and/or be terminated.

Have A Disciplinary Plan

You will need to decide how you will handle the course of action taken after an employee receives a moving violation, or is involved in what is ruled to have been a preventable accident. Many companies choose to enact a points system. the system provides and outline for progressive discipline, should a driver continue to develop a pattern of repeated violations. Once a driver receives a certain amount of points within a specific time frame, a clear protocol for actions will be clearly laid out.

Reward/Incentive Program

Just like the points system for disciplinary action, it’s also good practice to have a points system designed to reward good driving habits as an incentive for employees to maintain high standards. Since safe driving behaviors are a direct contributor to your bottom line, it is worth investing in these types of rewards or bonuses for your employees. While cash bonuses are often a very good incentive, you can also choose to reward your employees with recognition, or special privileges.

Bergen County NJ Driver Training/Communication

Continuing driver safety training with new ideas, or just simple refreshers can produce an amazing benefit. even the most experienced driver can benefit from periodic refresher on safe driving practices and skills. It is too easy to become complacent, especially if you are out on the road every day. Continued training and communication are invaluable tools.

Bergen County NJ Company Driver Safety

Any business that has any employee driving for any purpose, from a trucking company, to sending someone out from the office on errands, needs to have a company driver safety program for their own protection and bottom line.


Bogle Agency Insurance is Hiring in NJ

Commercial Insurance Sales Representative Wanted NJ

We are currently looking to hire a Commercial Insurance Sales Representative to work alongside us at Bogle Agency Insurance. We are an elite member of the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America “Best Practices” Study Group that has been in business in New Jersey for nearly 100 years!  The IIABA was founded in 1896 and is the oldest and biggest national association for independent insurance agents and brokers. There are more than 300,000 agents, brokers and their employees across the country represented by the IIABA. These businesses offer their customers a choice of policies in all lines of insurance. Bogle Agency Insurance is one of only 217 agencies in the entire country chosen to take part in this study group and is pleased to have retained our Best Practices Agency Status, as one of the top performing insurance agencies in the country for the 12th year in a row.

Read more about Bogle Agency Insurance here.

Commercial Insurance Sales Representative | Bogle Agency Insurance NJBogle Agency Insurance is seeking to hire a full-time, experienced, motivated Commercial Insurance Sales Representative to generate new Commercial Lines business. Any knowledge or experience with Personal Lines, Life & Health Insurance is a benefit this firm would value.  

Bogle Agency Insurance is a well-known, established regional independent insurance agency, located in Lyndhurst, NJ.

Bogle Agency Insurance represents numerous insurance markets and insurance companies and has an experienced support staff to help you increase your income.

A candidate must be extremely organized, product knowledgeable, motivated, interested & willing to develop new insurance sales. Must have a sales oriented personality, be a self-starter, and have good verbal & written communication. Only experienced candidates with sales & marketing experience will be considered.

Benefits package includes base salary, commission, paid holidays, paid vacation, medical benefits, ownership in your book of business, plus other benefits. Terms are negotiable.

If you are Not interested in making money, please do not apply. We are not interested in complacency. We strictly seek people willing to grow with us and always to make more money.

For more information on this fabulous opportunity contact Philip R. Bogle at, cell phone #201-323-3883 or office phone # 201-939-1076.

Forward resume to Philip R. Bogle. All information kept in strictest confidence.

View our job opening on LinkedIN and connect with us!