Bergen County Motorcycle Insurance

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Bergen County Motorcycle Insurance

Your Bergen County motorcycle insurance policy can be standard or completely customized.  Individual motorcycle insurance policies can  be customized to suit your needs.  Many factors come into play with motorcycle insurance and whether you are going for a standard policy or a customized package there are incentives in place for a lower rate.  For example, insurance costs can be lowered if you take a safety course.  In addition multiple vehicles can be placed on the same policy, offering a lower price than individual policies.  Sitting down with your Lyndhurst NJ insurance agent can ensure that you are getting the coverage you need at the rate your deserve.

Motorcycles are as individual as their owners.  Many people spend hours working on their bikes, adding custom elements that improve both form and function.  Motorcycle insurance can cover specialized and customized motorcycle parts.  A Bergen County insurance agency can help determine a policy that works for your motorcycle, customized to cover your unique needs.

While custom, individual motorcycle insurance is available there are also standard policies that may fit the bill.  Liability, collision, comprehensive, and uninsured coverage represent standard coverages that are available.  In addition roadside assistance can be added to any package.  Your Bergen County insurance agent can help determine what you need and what the cost of your motorcycle insurance policy will be.

Contact our team at Bogle Insurance today to learn more about your motorcycle insurance options.  Our full service Bergen County insurance agency can help you with all of your coverage needs, including homeowners insurance, auto insurance, and business insurance.  Let us serve as your guide to insurance in Lyndhurst NJ.

New Jersey Insurance Plans, High or Low Deductible

New Jersey Insurance Plans – High or Low Deductible?

New Jersey Insurance Plans
Bogle Agency Insurance, Bergen County New Jersey Insurance Plans experts

An examination of New Jersey insurance plans may have you wondering whether to go with a high or a low deductible. This is a good question to ask yourself and your insurance agent when purchasing a plan.Customers should always weigh out the pros and cons of a high deductible vs. a low deductible carefully before signing up for a Bergen County NJ insurance policy.

A major benefit of a high deductible is the lower premium. This is great for a person who has a rainy day fund available. For those living paycheck to paycheck, higher deductibles could be a huge setback. Although no one can force the use of insurance, the reality is that it exists for protection against the unforeseen.

Low deductibles are available to help keep money in your pocket during an unfortunate event. This can offer great peace of mind in the event something occurs. However, a low deductible means a higher monthly premium. Consider your insurance policy carefully and discuss your options with your NJ insurance agent. The decisions you make now could affect you down the road.

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Contact our team at Bogle Agency Insurance today to learn more about a variety of personal and business insurance policies available. Our Bergen County insurance agents are educated, knowledgeable and available to help answer all of your questions. Let our team help you feel comfortable with your insurance options. We can be your guide to choosing the right New Jersey insurance plans for you, your family, and your business.

Tips for Winter Driving

Tips for Winter Driving In NJ

Tips for Winter Driving In New Jersey | Bogle Agency InsuranceWith winter weather quickly approaching New Jersey, it is important to remember that just because the roads look clear, it does not mean they are 100% safe and can be driven on as you do normally. With the risk of ice, especially black ice, and extra narrow lanes it’s important to be extra alert and prepared for anything. Make sure you follow these tips for winter driving so you and everyone around you can stay safe.

See and Be Seen

Always make sure that you can see clearly and be seen clearly by other drivers. It is very important that you clean all the snow off of your car before you hit the road. This includes your windshield, all windows, outside mirrors, reflectors and lights. This will ensure that you will be able to be seen, and will prevent snow from flying off your car and blinding other drivers. In addition to clean, snow free lights also make sure you use the correct lights. Never drive with your parking lights as opposed to headlights in bad weather, or at dusk. Parking lights can cause other drivers t think you are much further away than you actually are.

Know The Road Conditions

Get the feel of the road before you get too far from home. Try out your brakes and see how slippery the road feels. Adjust your speed accordingly and remember the road conditions change along with the temperatures. Once You are out in traffic increase the distance you normally keep between yourself and cars ahead of you. DO NOT TAILGATE! The heavier your vehicle, the more space you will need to come to a stop. No matter the weight of your car, play it safe and stay several car lengths behind the driver in front of you.

Use Your Brakes The Right Way

Brake ahead of curves, not while you are already in one. Every vehicle is sensitive to over-braking and over-steering on curves. You may not know what is around the bend. Instead of possibly needing to slam on the brakes, just take it nice and slow around curves. In other words, minimize your risk.

If you need to slow down further, or stop completely,what you need to do next depends on the type of brakes you have. If you are equipped with anti-lock brakes then put your foot firmly on the brake and let the ABS system pump your brakes for you while you concentrate on steering. If you don’t have ABS then you will need to pump your brakes. This will help to keep the wheels from locking up, causing you to slide.

Be Prepared

Always be prepared. Check the forecast before you leave and the traffic reports. Give yourself more time than you need to get somewhere so you do not have to rush at all. Always keep the following items on hand in case of emergency.

  • A charged cell phone
  • A working flashlight
  • A shovel
  • An ice scraper
  • Blankets
  • Any critical medications and water/food.

If you get stuck, stay with your car and run it only as much as necessary to stay warm. Be sure that the tailpipe of the car is cleared of snow, or you risk carbon monoxide poisoning. Finally place a bright marker on your antenna so you can bee seen.

It is important to remember these tips for winter driving to help keep yourself and everyone on the road safe this winter. If everyone following these safety tips, we can really minimize the risk of being out there.

Bergen County NJ Employers: Company Driver Good Practices


Bergen County NJ Company Driver Safety

Bergen County NJ Company Driver Safety | Bogle Agency InsuranceAll companies large and small that employ anyone to drive for them at any capacity needs to have driver safety protocol and clear driving policies. From the largest trucking company, to the mom and pop pizza delivery shop, the well being of  your business and your bottom line depend on it. A Bergen County NJ company driver safety program is a business necessity.

Driver Agreements

Whether or not your employees drive a company vehicle or their personal vehicle for business purposes in Bergen County or throughout NJ, you need to establish a contract with them regarding vehicle operation. This contract should include an acknowledgement from the driver that they are aware of company traffic safety policies and procedures, any driver performance expectations, vehicle maintenance agreements and a duty to report and moving violations received on or even off the clock.

NJ Motor Vehicle Record Checks

Checking the driving record of anyone that will be driving for the purposes of your business in Bergen County and beyond,  is very important. Screening out any potential future problems will save you time, money and in some cases legal issues. Not only should this be done prior to hiring, but you should also conduct a Motor Vehicle Check periodically for all drivers. Set a company policy that clearly state the number of violations you will allow an employee before they will lose their company driving privileges, and/or be terminated.

Have A Disciplinary Plan

You will need to decide how you will handle the course of action taken after an employee receives a moving violation, or is involved in what is ruled to have been a preventable accident. Many companies choose to enact a points system. the system provides and outline for progressive discipline, should a driver continue to develop a pattern of repeated violations. Once a driver receives a certain amount of points within a specific time frame, a clear protocol for actions will be clearly laid out.

Reward/Incentive Program

Just like the points system for disciplinary action, it’s also good practice to have a points system designed to reward good driving habits as an incentive for employees to maintain high standards. Since safe driving behaviors are a direct contributor to your bottom line, it is worth investing in these types of rewards or bonuses for your employees. While cash bonuses are often a very good incentive, you can also choose to reward your employees with recognition, or special privileges.

Bergen County NJ Driver Training/Communication

Continuing driver safety training with new ideas, or just simple refreshers can produce an amazing benefit. even the most experienced driver can benefit from periodic refresher on safe driving practices and skills. It is too easy to become complacent, especially if you are out on the road every day. Continued training and communication are invaluable tools.

Bergen County NJ Company Driver Safety

Any business that has any employee driving for any purpose, from a trucking company, to sending someone out from the office on errands, needs to have a company driver safety program for their own protection and bottom line.


Car Insurance For NJ Drivers | What's The Right Amount?

What Is The Right Amount Of Car Insurance For NJ Drivers

It’s difficult to estimate the actual amount of car insurance you may need. While you may assume that having the state minimum car insurance policy is enough, in New Jersey it is not! If you simply have a policy that meets the requirement of the state, you are left without coverage for repairs and replacement of your vehicle. Not having the money to get your car road worthy again can put you in a very tight spot. So, what is the right amount of car insurance for NJ drivers?

There is unfortunately no clear cut answer on how much coverage you need. That will depend on a long list of factors that vary from person to person and vehicle to vehicle. However, there are different types of coverage you absolutely should have above the state minimum coverage. You will need to make sure that you are covered for damage to your vehicle, and you are not just covered for damage to other vehicles. You will also want to make sure that your medical expenses will be covered as well as any liability for others involved in the accident.

At Bogle Insurance we offers several additions to the NJ State minimum coverage that are likely to meet your needs as a NJ driver. Your coverage needs may vary based on your situation and driving history.

We offer:

  • Bodily Injury Liability
  • Medical Payments Coverage
  • Property Damage Liability
  • Comprehensive and Collision Coverage
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Car Insurance For NJ Drivers | What's The Right Amount?You do not want to find yourself short on coverage after an auto accident. But, you also don’t want to pay more than you need for coverage you won’t use. It’s nearly impossible to know the amount you will need. That is why talking to trusted and dedicated professionals like the agents at Bogle Insurance Agency will make it easy for you to choose the right amount of car insurance in New Jersey.

With these additions to your policy you will be sure you have enough coverage to meet your needs. It is then a matter of adjusting the amount of coverage in each area.