New Jersey Insurance Plans, High or Low Deductible

New Jersey Insurance Plans – High or Low Deductible?

New Jersey Insurance Plans
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An examination of New Jersey insurance plans may have you wondering whether to go with a high or a low deductible. This is a good question to ask yourself and your insurance agent when purchasing a plan.Customers should always weigh out the pros and cons of a high deductible vs. a low deductible carefully before signing up for a Bergen County NJ insurance policy.

A major benefit of a high deductible is the lower premium. This is great for a person who has a rainy day fund available. For those living paycheck to paycheck, higher deductibles could be a huge setback. Although no one can force the use of insurance, the reality is that it exists for protection against the unforeseen.

Low deductibles are available to help keep money in your pocket during an unfortunate event. This can offer great peace of mind in the event something occurs. However, a low deductible means a higher monthly premium. Consider your insurance policy carefully and discuss your options with your NJ insurance agent. The decisions you make now could affect you down the road.

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NJ Small Businesses Need Cyber Liability Insurance

NJ Cyber Liability Insurance | Bergen County NJ Business Insurance 

NJ Cyber Liability Insurance

By now it is doubtful there is anyone, especially anyone in business that is not aware of the threats business face to online security breaches. Companies as large as Amazon, Spotify and Netflix have all been hacked recently, and for small businesses the danger is not any less. In fact, hackers look at small business as a prime target due to their generally lower security standards and the ability for hackers to get into systems using your personal devices! That is why small businesses in Bergen County and beyond need NJ cyber liability insurance.

Bogle Agency Insurance Provides Cyber Liability Insurance in NJ

Cyber insurance is a very important and highly overlooked protection for small businesses. In addition to antivirus, antispyware and firewall protection, cyber insurance will cover you when these just are not good enough protection. A general business liability policy will not help you recoup losses or legal fees that come from a data breach. You need separate coverage to protect yourself and your business from these damages.

It is easy to assume that these types of policies are only necessary for large companies. However many insurance carriers now offer tailor-made cyber coverage for small businesses, offering them the protection they need that fits their budget.

There are different coverage levels to each type of policy and this includes cyber liability insurance. There are first party policies that will cover general costs of a breach that include legal expense, PR campaigns to help recover, business interruption and costs of notifying customers. Third party coverage will protect you if you are at the center of the breach and sensitive information has been stolen from you directly. Third party coverage will cover fees if you are sued.

Talk to us at Bogle Agency Insurance today to talk about cyber liability insurance and all of your business insurance and personal insurance needs in NJ. We have been in business for nearly 100 years and have always stayed up to date with the needs of our customers. We have seen the need for cyber liability insurance grow dramatically the last few years. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

While the need for cyber liability Insurance can’t be understated, there are steps you can take on your own to avoid cyber security breaches.

Remember these tip to keep your business safe online in NJ

  • Keep antivirus software up to date.
  • Educate your employees.
  • Set company security policies.
  • Prepare an incident response plan.

Businesses Must Have Workers’ Compensation Insurance In NJ

Workers’ Compensation Insurance NJ

Workers’ Compensation Insurance NJ | Bogle Agency Insurance | NJThere are very few businesses in the United States that are immune to the need to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Most states require employers to purchase an insurance plan that covers workers who are injured or made ill due to exposure in the workplace. In New Jersey this is mandated. It’s not a bad thing considering the costs of meeting these obligations, should a situation arise with an employee. These are hard financial obligations to carry for businesses small or large. The mandate, plus the obvious need for this coverage is why you need to carry workers’ compensation insurance in NJ.


What Does Workers’ Compensation Cover In NJ?

Workers’ compensation insurance provides specific and comprehensive benefits to workers who suffer injury or illness in the workplace. Benefits typically include:

  • Medical Benefits
  • Death Benefits
  • Lost Wages
  • Vocational Rehabilitation

As an employer, if you fail to carry worker’s compensation insurance, you are left exposed to the liability of paying all these benefits out of your pocket. You are also open to being sued, something that workers’ compensation protects you from.

When You Need To Buy Workers’ Compensation Insurance In NJ?

In most cases, you will need to purchase a workers’ compensation insurance policy in NJ as soon as you have one employee who is not a partner or business owner.

What Does Workers’ Compensation Insurance Cost In NJ?

Cost of workers’ compensation insurance in NJ is generally calculated by risk. Your industry determines your risk classification. Frequency of possible injuries and severity of possible injuries are the two main factors considered.  The salary of the employee is also another determining factor of the costs per employee. However, it is not set in stone You can increase or decrease your premiums based on factors such as safety history and offering health insurance. There are also optional add ons to policies that will affect the costs.

Get Covered

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Do I Need Professional Liability Insurance in NJ?

Professional Liability Insurance in NJ

Professional Liability Insurance in NJIf you are a professional operating your own business in New Jersey, you need to protect yourself with a professional liability insurance policy in addition to your in-home or business owner’s insurance policy. A professional liability insurance policy will protect you against financial losses if you are sued by a client.

There are times when even the highest trained professional will fail to use the degree of skill expected. Professionals are humans too, and it happens. There are also more often situations where, in our very litigious society, a professional will be sued even when they truly did no wrong. In either situation, as a professional you can be held responsible in a court of law for any harm, or alleged harm caused to another person or business.  The costs of even a small lawsuit and add up fast. Professional liability insurance will keep you protected against claims of negligence or failure to perform.

Because professional liability insurance is a specialty coverage, it will not be included in any homeowners, businessowners, or in-home business policy.

Why Have Professional Liability Insurance In NJ

  • Protects the assets of your business as well as the integrity of your business.
  • Covers the cost of defense and damages awarded (up to policy limits).
  • Provides specialty coverages not included in standard policies.
  • Will assist in defending against lawsuits without merit.
  • Offers high level coverage in increments of $1 million.
  • Offers Professional Liability Insurance coverage for in high-risk industries.

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