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Cyber Insurance Becoming Increasingly Important for Businesses to Have

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Cyber insurance is becoming an important resource for businesses to have. Cyber threats and attacks are becoming more and more commonplace.  Because of this, insurance needs have grown and changed.  However, not every business has adequate defense against such action. As a result, cyber insurance coverage should be considered a critical NJ business insurance policy to have.

New Jersey Cyber Insurance proves to be even more important for small businesses. While many large companies have a dedicated tech team, often smaller businesses do not. Many small businesses don’t have the budget or think cybersecurity is an unnecessary extra. As a result, small businesses can be more vulnerable, and hackers know this!

Small businesses are a target for cyber attacks

Small businesses are a target for cybercriminals because of their vulnerability. Likewise, many small businesses do not have the resources needed to recover from cybersecurity attacks. Luckily, the proper insurance coverage alleviates this stress. Sit down with an experienced NJ insurance agent from Bogle Agency Insurance today to discuss whether your business insurance covers cyber breaches.

What can you expect from a New Jersey business insurance policy? Insurance is designed to protect your presence on the internet. Policies differ to meet varying needs. Some companies need to be protected against hackers while others need to protect their intellectual content. A cyber insurance policy can offer security and peace of mind when it comes to small business vulnerability. Best of all, cyber insurance can cover business interruption if something ever happens.

Learn more about cyber insurance for your business

Cyber crimes offer a real threat to your business and knowing protection is in place offers peace of mind. Contact our team at Bogle Agency Insurance today and learn more about cyber insurance options from experienced Lyndhurst NJ insurance agents. Our goal is to inform you and help you.  Let us design a coverage package that meets your individual needs. Cyber insurance is becoming more important for businesses to have and we want to make sure your business is protected.

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Cyber Insurance Coverage


Stay Protected With Cyber Insurance | Bogle Agency Insurance Bergen County NJ
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Bergen County NJ Cyber Insurance Coverage

Bergen County cyber insurance is one of the newest types of insurance coverage to hit the insurance market designed to offer protection for your most personal information. With so many people storing their data on computers and in the cloud there is more risk than ever for personal and financial information to make its way into the hands of cyber criminals. While implementing a security policy in your home or office is important, having cyber insurance can help quell your fears and give you peace of mind in the event you find your security has been breached.

Most of us feel vulnerable at one point or another when it comes to typing in personal information, whether we are storing the information for ourselves or ordering something online. From saving passwords to entering financial information and beyond wavering between trust and fear is a natural phenomenon these days, often requiring a leap of faith. Luckily insurance policies have been created to protect individuals from risk associated with cyber breaches.

There are many steps that can be taken to protect yourself in the cyber world.  Strong passwords are one thing, storing them another.  Stay away from obvious names and dates and implement characters, numbers, and letters in a way that you won’t remember without writing them down and storing in a secure spot.  Another important element of cloud security is internet access.  Secure internet access is essential for maintaining your security.  Be savvy on your social media usage as well.  Understanding that your personal information is available to more than just your friends is important.  Your Bergen County insurance agent will be able to explain available risk coverage while offering security tips at the same time.

The Bogle Insurance Agency wants residents in Bergen County to rest assured that their cyber risk is covered. If you have questions or concerns about cyber security and cyber insurance policies please give us a call today. Our goal is to help you understand the coverage you need, ensuring you have the coverage necessary for the unknown. Let us serve as your guide to cyber insurance in Bergen County NJ.

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NJ Small Businesses Need Cyber Liability Insurance

NJ Cyber Liability Insurance | Bergen County NJ Business Insurance 

NJ Cyber Liability Insurance

By now it is doubtful there is anyone, especially anyone in business that is not aware of the threats business face to online security breaches. Companies as large as Amazon, Spotify and Netflix have all been hacked recently, and for small businesses the danger is not any less. In fact, hackers look at small business as a prime target due to their generally lower security standards and the ability for hackers to get into systems using your personal devices! That is why small businesses in Bergen County and beyond need NJ cyber liability insurance.

Bogle Agency Insurance Provides Cyber Liability Insurance in NJ

Cyber insurance is a very important and highly overlooked protection for small businesses. In addition to antivirus, antispyware and firewall protection, cyber insurance will cover you when these just are not good enough protection. A general business liability policy will not help you recoup losses or legal fees that come from a data breach. You need separate coverage to protect yourself and your business from these damages.

It is easy to assume that these types of policies are only necessary for large companies. However many insurance carriers now offer tailor-made cyber coverage for small businesses, offering them the protection they need that fits their budget.

There are different coverage levels to each type of policy and this includes cyber liability insurance. There are first party policies that will cover general costs of a breach that include legal expense, PR campaigns to help recover, business interruption and costs of notifying customers. Third party coverage will protect you if you are at the center of the breach and sensitive information has been stolen from you directly. Third party coverage will cover fees if you are sued.

Talk to us at Bogle Agency Insurance today to talk about cyber liability insurance and all of your business insurance and personal insurance needs in NJ. We have been in business for nearly 100 years and have always stayed up to date with the needs of our customers. We have seen the need for cyber liability insurance grow dramatically the last few years. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

While the need for cyber liability Insurance can’t be understated, there are steps you can take on your own to avoid cyber security breaches.

Remember these tip to keep your business safe online in NJ

  • Keep antivirus software up to date.
  • Educate your employees.
  • Set company security policies.
  • Prepare an incident response plan.