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Commercial Umbrella Insurance Provides Extra Layer of Protection For Businesses

Nj commercial umbrella insurance
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Commercial umbrella insurance provides an extra layer of protection for business owners. Owning and operating a business involves a certain amount of risks, some industries have more risks than others. Having this extra protection is instrumental to protecting your business and your own personal finances. A New Jersey commercial umbrella insurance policy makes sure that your business is covered where your standard commercial policy may run out.

Businesses face risks every day. From the more obvious, like slips & falls to the not so expected false advertising lawsuit. Your business most likely holds commercial vehicle coverage, Commercial property insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, and general liability insurance among its policies. However, these policies typically have a limited payout amount. That is where Commercial Umbrella Insurance comes in. In the event of a large lawsuit, Your Bergen County commercial umbrella policy will protect you and your business.

How Does Commercial Umbrella Insurance Work?

All businesses are required to have some sort of insurance. This insurance covers everyday risks of doing business. In the event of a lawsuit, the business may be forced to pay out damages to whoever, or whatever is damaged. Let’s say you have been sued for false advertising and required to pay back $1.5 Million to your customers. Your general business liability insurance will cover $1 Million as per your policy, but the remaining $500,000 is left for you to pay out of pocket. In order to protect yourself, and your business, Commercial Umbrella Insurance will step in and cover the remaining $500,000. This leaves you free to continue conducting business without worrying about being stuck in a bad financial state.

Learn More About NJ Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Contact our team at Bogle Agency Insurance today to learn more about New Jersey commercial umbrella insurance policies. Our experienced agents look forward to evaluating your business insurance needs to ensure that you have the coverage you require. Let our knowledge and experience serve as your guide to commercial umbrella insurance in Lyndhurst NJ.

Bergen County NJ Halloween Safety Tips

Bergen County NJ Halloween Safety Tips

Bergen County NJ Halloween Safety Tips

Bergen County NJ Halloween safety tips can ensure a safe and fun time.  Halloween is a holiday enjoyed by many, a time to dress up, trick or treat, and socialize with friends and family.  Taking the time to prepare for keeping everyone safe, children and adults alike, can help make this spooky holiday fun and safe for all.  The holiday usually starts with pumping carving, a great activity to get everyone excited for what is to come.

When carving pumpkins it is essential toy get everyone involved but not everyone should have sharp tools.  Get the young children to draw their designs on the pumpkins but take over the carving yourself.  While it may go without saying it remains important to not the importance of taking the steps to make sure young children do not have access to sharp knives.

When it comes to the kids make sure to keep danger at bay.  Here are a few safety tips for a safer trick or treat experience:

  • Adults should accompany children 12 and under.
  • Know the trick or treat route, especially if the kids are going on their own.
  • Cross streets at crosswalks.
  • Walk on sidewalks.
  • Stay in groups.
  • Have flashlights, reflective tape on costumes is a great idea.
  • Have flexible props.
  • Check the candy before it is eaten.  Avoiding hand wrapped, hand cooked treats is essential, no matter how appealing they may look.

The number one tip for adults is to be alert behind the wheel, kids are everywhere on Halloween and it is dark.  Halloween is a pedestrian event and being aware of your surroundings is essential if you are driving.  If you do not know the neighborhood you are driving through be even more cautious.  Expect trick-or-treaters to be walking around up until around 9:30 pm.  Make sure your Bergen County auto insurance is current.

Contact Bogle Insurance Agency today, your Lyndhurst NJ insurance agent of choice, for more safety tips.  Our knowledge and experience can help you create safer environments and make sure you have the coverage you need.  Enjoy Halloween and take the time to make sure you are safe.

Bergen County Insurance Agency Included In IIABA’s Best Practices Study

Lyndhurst NJ Insurance Agency | Included In IIABA’s Best Practices Study
Bogle Agency Insurance, your Bergen County insurance agency of choice

Lyndhurst NJ Insurance Agency | Included In IIABA’s Best Practices Study

For the 13th consecutive year Bogle Agency Insurance in Bergen County NJ, a Lyndhurst NJ Insurance Agency, has been selected to be part of an elite group of independent insurance agencies around the United States participating in the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America’s (IIABA or the Big “I”) “Best Practices” Study Group.  This is a great honor for our Lyndhurst insurance agency and demonstrates our commitment to excellence.  The “Best Practices” Study Group includes only 254 independent agencies from across the U.S., a pool selected from more than 1,800 nominated insurance agencies.  For our Bergen County insurance agency to be included in this study consecutively for 13 years speaks to the quality and consistency of our services.

The Best Practices Study has been an annual study since 1983, serving as the foundation for efforts to improve agency performance around the country. The annual study of leading independent insurance agencies, which is conducted for IIABA by Reagan Consulting of Atlanta, Ga., documents the business practices of these high performance agencies and urges others to adopt similar practices.  Best Practices serve as a baseline, one which offers agencies an opportunity to perform better, offering exceptional service to their clients.

To be nominated for the Best Practices Study an insurance agency must be nominated by an IIABA affiliated state association or an insurance company.  The agencies nominated qualify based on outstanding customer retention, growth, stability and financial management. The 2016 Best Practices Study sponsors include:  Agency Business Solutions and Amerisure Insurance, Applied Systems, Beyond Insurance, Central Insurance Companies, Chubb, CNA, EMC Insurance, ENCOMPASS, The Hanover Insurance Group, The Hartford, Imperial PFS, InsurBanc, Kemper, Liberty Mutual, MetLife, The Main Street America Group, Nationwide, Travelers, Vertafore and Westfield Insurance.

Bogle Agency Insurance was founded in 1919 and offers Commercial, Personal, Health and Life insurance products in Bergen County New Jersey.  Contact our team today to learn more about your insurance options from our experienced insurance agents in Lyndhurst NJ.

National Preparedness Month

Bergen County Preparedness Month | National Preparedness Month in NJ

Bergen County Preparedness | National Preparedness MonthNational Preparedness Month is here in Bergen County and across the nation.  As its name suggests  this month is a great month to think about the unexpected and how you can best prepare for a myriad of situations, from natural disasters to burst pipes and everything in between.  Much of this Bergen County preparedness involves planning and protection.  Your Bergen County insurance company can help you with planning and protection.

Where do you start when you think about preparedness.  A great place to start is with communication.  Last year’s theme for National Preparedness Month was “Don’t Wait, Communicate. Make Your Emergency Plan Today”.  This theme highlights the need to not only make a plan but to also communicate the plan.  This can be as small as communicating with your family or taking the communication into the workplace and your overall community.

Another important part of being prepared is being insured.  There is no time like the present to sit with your Lyndhurst NJ insurance agent to discuss your current coverage and where you may be lacking.  This includes homeowners insurance, auto insurance, and business insurance to name a few.

Of course the object of National Preparedness Month is to think about your plans for a number of potential incidents and threats.  This effort is backed by FEMA and certainly stresses the need to create a plan for the worse case scenario.  Knowing your main threats is a part of this.  For example, here in Bergen County we may not be facing the threat of wildfire as communities in the West do but we certainly face the potential of hurricane related damage.  Other potential catastrophes could include power outages, terrorist activity, blizzard conditions, and contaminated water.

Contact our team at Bogle Agency Insurance for help assessing your coverage and your planning.  We welcome the opportunity to serve as your guide to insurance in Bergen County NJ.  Let our knowledge and experience help you navigate National Preparedness Month in Lyndhurst NJ.

Click here to learn more about National Preparedness Month from NOAA.