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Personal Umbrella Insurance Starts Where Primary Leaves Off

Personal Umbrella Insurance Starts Where Primary Leaves Off | Bogle
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Personal umbrella insurance starts where your primary insurance leaves off. Insurance products are often limited, including homeowners insurance, auto insurance, and health insurance to name a few. While these products offer the coverage you need, Umbrella insurance can help you cover the unexpected. It is available to step in when your insurance doesn’t cover the full amount of a settlement.  Your Lyndhurst NJ insurance agent is here to evaluate your individual needs and ensure a policy is drafted to deliver the coverage you require.

How Does Personal Umbrella Insurance Work?

Umbrella Insurance is exactly what it sounds like. It is a policy that covers you above your other policies. By having Umbrella Insurance, you are ensuring that, in the event of an unexpected lawsuit, you are covered completely. For instance, if an unfortunate event occurs at your home and results in your family being sued $2 million, but your homeowner’s insurance only covers up to $1 Million you’d be left to cover the difference. This could result in losing your home, cars and much more. However, If you’re covered by Personal Umbrella insurance, the policy would step in and cover that additional $1 Million, leaving you and your family safe from financial disaster.

What Does Personal Umbrella Insurance Cover?

A New Jersey umbrella insurance policy provides additional coverage on top of your homeowner’s policy, your auto policy, or your boat insurance policy. This is extremely helpful should you be sued for amounts above the limit provided by your general policies. Umbrella insurance, however, is not a requirement. But, it is certainly recommended for anyone with significant assets or savings.

In addition to extra coverage for your primary insurance policies, umbrella insurance will cover liabilities incurred by activities in which you partake outside of what your general liability insurance covers. This can include coaching, volunteering, playing sports, and even serving on the board of a non-profit.  Umbrella insurance covers the unforeseen and offers peace of mind in unusual circumstances.

Learn More About Personal Umbrella Insurance

Contact our team at Bogle Agency Insurance today to learn more about New Jersey insurance products. Our experienced agents look forward to explaining umbrella insurance policies and whether one is necessary for you and your family. Let our knowledge and experience serve as your guide to personal umbrella insurance in Bergen County NJ.

New Jersey Insurance Plans, High or Low Deductible

New Jersey Insurance Plans – High or Low Deductible?

New Jersey Insurance Plans
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An examination of New Jersey insurance plans may have you wondering whether to go with a high or a low deductible. This is a good question to ask yourself and your insurance agent when purchasing a plan.Customers should always weigh out the pros and cons of a high deductible vs. a low deductible carefully before signing up for a Bergen County NJ insurance policy.

A major benefit of a high deductible is the lower premium. This is great for a person who has a rainy day fund available. For those living paycheck to paycheck, higher deductibles could be a huge setback. Although no one can force the use of insurance, the reality is that it exists for protection against the unforeseen.

Low deductibles are available to help keep money in your pocket during an unfortunate event. This can offer great peace of mind in the event something occurs. However, a low deductible means a higher monthly premium. Consider your insurance policy carefully and discuss your options with your NJ insurance agent. The decisions you make now could affect you down the road.

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Contact our team at Bogle Agency Insurance today to learn more about a variety of personal and business insurance policies available. Our Bergen County insurance agents are educated, knowledgeable and available to help answer all of your questions. Let our team help you feel comfortable with your insurance options. We can be your guide to choosing the right New Jersey insurance plans for you, your family, and your business.

Why You Should Consider an Umbrella Insurance Policy In NJ

NJ Umbrella Insurance Policy | Bergen County NJ Umbrella Insurance

NJ Umbrella Insurance Policy | Bergen County NJ Umbrella Insurance

While there are some storms you can see coming, many still pop up unexpectedly. Just like you carry an umbrella in your car to protect you from these unexpected storms, you should also consider carrying a NJ Umbrella Insurance Policy for the unexpected events life will certainly throw your way.  A good umbrella policy, like those offered at Bogle Insurance in Bergen County NJ can benefit basically anyone. But there are several specific instances where it benefits residents to carry a NJ Umbrella Insurance Policy.

We live in an increasingly litigious society. If you can dream it up, someone is trying to sue someone for it. Umbrella insurance covers you for things that are not included in your regular liability insurance, and those things that just go above and beyond your coverage. If you end up involved in any case that ends up going to a lengthy trial, you can be certain that the legal fees are going to pile up beyond your standard coverage. In this situation, your umbrella insurance would cover your legal fees. It also would cover any awards you may end up responsible for paying in these instances as well. Why not make the small investment in an umbrella insurance policy to keep your personal assets safe and your family off the hook?

New Jersey residents that own or rent a home, own a car, personal watercraft, RV, boat, motorcycle, ATV, or even those that rent a home, should be protected by an umbrella insurance. If someone gets hurt on your property, you can and likely will be held responsible for the damages. Remember, it doesn’t really have to be your fault for you to be held legally responsible. The blanket coverage offered by a NJ Umbrella Insurance Policy keeps you safe from the financial storms our litigious society may throw your way. Along with financial benefits, umbrella insurance offers you peace of mind, knowing that you and your family can weather any storm that comes your way.

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