Advantages of “High-Value Asset” Coverage


Define High-Value Assets


Lyndhurst NJ Valuable Assets CoverageThose things that are considered high-value assets often include expensive homes in ultra-desirable locations, exotic automobiles, jewelry or art collections, yachts, high liability risks, and even internet security. Bogle Agency Insurance offers Chubb “insurance coverage for successful families and individuals with high-value assets”. The very real advantages of “high-value asset” coverage are superior expertise and excellent service.


What Makes This Insurance Better?


1. You have the knowledge of qualified experts to evaluate assets, and therefore adequately insure them. Chubb’s experts are experienced in assessing the value of antiques, artwork, rare books, jewelry and anything that is irreplaceable to you.

2. If you are buying your first home we cater to your unique situation. You may be building your dream house and plan to fill it with one-of-a-kind furnishings. Or you may be buying a large house on lots of acreage that will require more coverage than regular homeowners insurance offers. This insurance is meant to protect these unique assets.

3. If you have unusual and distinctive assets that need replacement, the quality of those items is identified. You will never be offered inferior substitutions.

4. Top quality contractors and specialists are recommended.

5. This coverage is comprehensive, not partial.

6. Claims service is quick and responsive to your needs. Adjusters work swiftly to be of help to you. Whether a claim is for replacement of a stolen or damaged possession, or because of an accident, staff is supportive. Compassion as well as real help are always on offer.

These are just some of the advantages of “high-value asset” coverage. Bogle Agency Insurance is always ready to offer a full examination of your insurance needs, and recommend proper coverage.


Focus Is On Your Unique Requirements


This extra coverage is suited to dealing with unusual circumstances and extraordinary personal assets. Your hard work at developing a comfortable lifestyle for your family and yourself should be be protected to the fullest. You should always be prepared for the surprises that life sends your way. Bogle Agency Insurance is offering Chubb protection with our support and service based upon years of experience. We have dealt with unique individuals and situations like yours before. We are ready to offer our fullest attention and expertise. Give us a call at (201) 939-5378 to see what we can offer our New Jersey clients with “high-value assets”.