Are you Prepared for a Hurricane in New Jersey?

The whole of the East Coast of the United States is vulnerable to storms that come in from the Atlantic Ocean, and homes in the densely populated states along the Atlantic seaboard are at risk of severe damage from wind storm. The home and contents portion of a standard New Jersey homeowners insurance policy may provide some financial against losses resulting from wind storm and other disasters.

New Jersey is one of the 18 states where special hurricane deductibles apply. These deductibles were established with the aim of making insurance coverage more accessible in high-risk areas without driving up premiums in areas that are less vulnerable to hurricane damage. Hurricane deductibles are usually expressed as a proportion (typically between 1 and 5 percent) of a home’s insured value. This means that a policy holder whose home is insured for $200,000 and has a 3% deductible pays for the first $6,000 of hurricane damage. 

Purchasing insurance protection for wind damage is a sensible precaution. Safety authorities recommend that residents of regions that are vulnerable to severe wind storms take steps to protect their properties from damage. Your home is better able to survive a wind storm if you have added a layer of protection to keep out wind and water, so consider installing storm shutters and reinforced garage doors.

Make sure that you understand how your percentage deductibles for wind storm damage in New Jersey differ from the dollar deductibles for other losses such as burglary and fire. Talk to your insurer or agency if you’re unsure how your New Jersey homeowners insurance policy protects you.