Expensive and Complex Automobiles


Lyndhurst NJ Chubb Masterpiece Automobile Safety insuranceWhether you drive an SUV or a Rolls Royce, automobiles have become complex and expensive. Car construction for fuel efficiency is lightweight, and the technology contained in the car adds safety protections. This makes your automobile an expensive vehicle to maintain.  Automobile safety and Chubb Masterpiece coverage go hand in hand.


Repairs Cost More


Although lighter materials used in the construction of a car make for more fuel efficiency, they also can make collision damage more severe. Complicated construction along with modern technology makes repairs expensive and challenging. Safety enhancements such as additional airbags, collision avoidance and parking sensors, etc., make repairs more difficult and costlier.


Chubb’s Commitment to Our Clients


Chubb is committed to the highest standard of repair or replacement of your automobile. The response to an accident is fast and professional. Chubb is always insistent on the highest standard of repair to keep our clients safe. The Auto Technical Specialists make sure your vehicle is repaired correctly, to manufacturer’s standards. They are certified collision repair experts. If repair is not possible, Chubb covers you for a total loss.  This makes automobile safety and Chubb Masterpiece coverage so important.


Talk to Bogle about Chubb’s Masterpiece Coverage


Bogle Agency Insurance offers the Chubb Masterpiece Auto Preference coverage to NJ clients. This is the premium insurance for complete protection of your automobile. We are proud to offer this excellent coverage for our clients and welcome a call regarding automobile insurance. Our focus is always on the safety and protection of our clients with the finest insurance products available. Give us a call at (201) 939-1076 and make an appointment for a consultation with one of our expert agents. Ask about our High Value Asset Person Lines Insurance coverage through Chubb.