Celebrate National Park and Recreation Month

July has been designated National Park and Recreation Month since 1985. The National Recreation and Park Association has chosen “Rock Your Park” for this year’s theme, and is encouraging people to take advantage of the five full weekends in the month of July to spend time in a national park. Should you want to purchase a camper to take maximum advantage of the park experience, you may want to check with your agent for a New Jersey auto insurance quote on your camper. You may be able to add your camper to your auto insurance policy, or you may have to purchase a separate policy.

July may be a perfect time for you and your family to take advantage of special activities offered at your state’s national parks. Your children may learn more about the natural world around them through biking, hiking, canoeing or picnicking in the great outdoors. The State of New Jersey website offers virtual tours of all 28 parks. You and your family may want to gather around the computer and pick the park where you may want to camp for a weekend or just spend a day.

A camping trip to a national park may be an inexpensive get-away. You may want to get a New Jersey auto insurance quote on a camper before purchasing it, as different types of campers may require different coverage. Why not check with your agent soon, and take advantage of National Park and Recreation Month?*