Homeowners and Automobile Insurance Cover Lyndhurst NJ Chubb's Excess Liability Protection You To A Limited Degree


All homeowners in NJ with a mortgage probably have Homeowners Insurance, and all automobile owners in NJ must have Automobile Insurance. These policies protect you but only to a limited degree, after which you are self-insured. Bogle Agency Insurance offers Chubb Masterpiece Excess Liability Insurance which gives you some of the highest limits of liability coverage. When the unexpected occurs and your home or automobile insurance don’t completely cover you, Chubb’s insurance offers higher or excess liability protection. This insurance is known as “umbrella insurance” because it covers you like an umbrella.  Bogle Agency Insurance is proud to offer Chubb’s Excess Liability protection in NJ.


Protect Your Valuables And Your Lifestyle


You have strived to offer your family a comfortable lifestyle and expensive belongings. Excess Liability Insurance protects you with higher limits than most standard insurance.

Chubb Masterpiece Excess Liability Insurance also covers your legal representation when the unexpected happens. This insurance is meant to cover NJ clients who require protection above what the traditional Homeowners Insurance and Automobile Insurance policies provide.  Bogle advises that families in NJ take advantage of the coverage offered by Chubb’s Excess Liability Protection.


Seek Professional Guidance


Bogle Agency Insurance offers assistance and guidance to choose the best insurance protection for your unique needs. We offer Chubb’s Masterpiece Excess Liability Insurance because it provides the best coverage. Our experienced and knowledgeable agents stand ready to help you decide what insurance coverage offers the most protection for your particular circumstances. Give us a call at (201) 939-1076 for an appointment to discuss Excess Liability Insurance.