Decreasing Your Business’ Potential Liability with NJ Liability Insurance

No business should do without NJ liability insurance. Why is this? Liability claims have the potential of bankrupting your business, a risk that increases should a lawsuit be filed. What steps could you take to limit your exposure?

  • Keep all aisles free of clutter. Make sure all walkways are wide enough for visitors to get through with ease.
  • Do not allow customers in warehouses or stockrooms. Clearly label restricted areas.
  • Keep the exterior of your business in good repair. Fix chipped stairs or cracked walkways immediately.
  • Thoroughly test all products before releasing them to the general public. Make sure all instruction manuals are detailed and include warnings against misuse.
  • Clean spills and other messes on the premises as soon as you are made aware of them.
  • Never give professional advice off the record. Depending on your industry, having signed contracts from all clients is a must.
  • Avoid having frenzy sales, like those that are common on Black Friday.

Are you lacking a proper NJ liability insurance policy? Do not delay in purchasing this essential coverage. One of our agents would be happy to assist you in the process. Contact our agency today to get started.