Do you need help with Roof Maintenance?

The roof and roof gutters of your home do an important job in keeping out the elements, and roof maintenance and repairs should have a high priority in any home maintenance program. Ask your agent or insurer if you are uncertain what roof repairs are covered by New Jersey homeowners insurance.

There are two roof maintenance jobs that should be undertaken regularly.
•Inspect the roof for damage after extreme weather. Look for damaged roof covering and flashings, leaking gutters and downpipes and have them repaired so that the roof is weatherproof again.
•Clear gutters of leaves and other debris that could cause blockages, overflows and water damage. Fitting leaf guards over the gutters reduces the need to clear gutters frequently.

You must have the right ladders for accessing the roof, and proper equipment for working on the roof and gutters. It’s dangerous to use ladders that are unsuitable for the purpose, and working on the roof without the right equipment can cause further damage to the roof. Many people who are skilled and confident in DIY work around the home prefer not to attempt to inspect or repair a roof because they are uncomfortable working at heights.

Don’t take the risk of working on the roof unless you have the right equipment and are confident when working on a ladder. Hiring a professional roofing contractor to undertake regular inspection, maintenance and repair of your roof and gutters can set your mind at rest, prevent roof leaks and gutter overflows and avoid the drama of water damage claims on New Jersey homeowners insurance.