Don’t let Plumbing Problems take you by Surprise

An annoying dripping tap can keep you awake at night, but a burst water pipe that floods your home or a blocked sewer line that makes toilets, showers and sinks unusable can create havoc in your home and disturb your domestic routines.

•Prevent drains from being clogged by insoluble matter by placing a strainer in each plug hole to capture hair, eggshells, tea leaves and coffee grounds.
•Avoid getting grease and oil into drains where it can solidify and cause blockages.
•Consider the growth habits of trees you plant in your garden. Trees with invasive root systems can break sewer lines. Keep the roots of existing trees under control by regular trimming.
•Keep watch for small leaks and if you notice anything amiss have it repaired immediately to avoid further damage.

One of the most important things a homeowner can do to avoid a minor problem turning into a major crisis is to become familiar with the water shutoff valve. You may be able to fix some minor problems yourself, and it’s useful for a homeowner to know how to replace a worn tap washer or adjust a toilet cistern ball float. Serious problems in your home’s plumbing or drainage systems should only be tackled by a qualified plumbing specialist. Call your agent or insurer if you are uncertain what types of plumbing repairs or water damage may be covered by New Jersey homeowners insurance.