Protect What You Have Worked Hard to Achieve


bergen county insurance agentsBogle Agency Insurance working together with Chubb is interested in providing  our clients with some of the highest limits of liability coverage available. We know that the unexpected happens, and we want our clients to be insured for all those times when more protection is needed. An Excess/Umbrella policy is for when your other coverages, such as home or auto, don’t cover the costs of the unanticipated. A policy with excess liability coverage should be part of your financial planning. We want our clients with high value assets to be assured of high value coverage.


Protection From Every Aspect


If your lifestyle involves travel, lots of entertaining, extra recreational
facilities at your home (pool, hot tub, trampoline), you need extra liability
insurance. If you have household staff you need extra liability insurance. If
own a second or third home you definitely need extra liability insurance. These
and so many more factors make additional coverage a necessity. You have spent
your life building happiness and security for your family. Let Chubb make sure
you protect it all with a policy that provides coverage for the unforeseen events
that can become real headaches. We always try to make sure clients are made
whole in a way that is satisfactory to their unique situation.

With today’s litigious society, we want our clients to know they are covered for
legal representation. Excess liability insurance offers this kind of coverage in
the event that you should need a lawyer to settle a claim against you. This and
all other coverages can also offer worldwide protection.


We Are Proud Of Our Partnership With Chubb


Bogle Agency Insurance is happy to discuss Excess Liability coverage that is
offered by Chubb with our clients. We are very proud to partner with Chubb, a
premier company that goes above and beyond the usual to protect you. Their
reputation is well documented. If the kind of coverage offered by Chubb’s
Masterpiece Excess Liability is of interest to you, please give us a call at
(201) 939-1076.