Four Liability Hazards All Business Owners Should Address

Liability claims could be very damaging to your business. Your NJ liability insurance may pay for the expenses related to covered incidents, but you should be proactive in reducing your exposure. Take a hard look around the premises for areas that could be dangerous to visitors, especially the four common hazards below.

To help prevent fire, store all combustible substances properly and forbid smoking on the premises. You should also clear any debris or dead inventory that could help spread the fire. Have an evacuation plan in place and run drills at least twice a year.

Falling hazards could cause serious injury or death. Do not stack items to the point of the columns being wobbly. Make sure shelving could handle the weight of your inventory before use. Check that all signage, lighting, and security equipment are properly secured. 

Slip-and-falls may be the most common hazard faced by businesses. Some surfaces are slicker than others and spills may only worsen the danger. Use rubber mats in problem areas to ensure guests have a firm footing.

Electrocution could be deadly. Assess the safety of your equipment before each use. Be certain not to have outlets overloaded with too many plugs. Only trained personnel should be allowed near electrical hazards.

By seeking out potential causes of accidents, you may be able to limit the risk faced by your business. No matter how many precautions you take, you may not be able to eliminate every hazard. Purchase a NJ liability insurance policy to aid you in paying for the incidents you were unable to prevent.