Hire a Contractor for Roof Maintenance

Your home’s roof and roof drainage system – the roof gutters and downpipes that collect rainwater and snow melt and move it into the storm drains – are there to protect you from the elements.  Damage to these important components of your home must be repaired quickly to avoid their condition deteriorating and causing water damage to the building’s structure and contents. Keeping your roof and roof gutters well maintained will avoid water damage and repeated claims on your New Jersey homeowners insurance.

Your roof should be checked for damage regularly, particularly after extreme weather like heavy wind or hailstorms. Look for loose shingles, broken or cracked roof covering, and unsecured roof gutters or downpipes. You may be confident about repairing your roof if you find damage, but working on the roof isn’t for everyone. You should consider hiring a roofing contractor to do roof repairs if you are uncomfortable working at heights, or if you don’t have proper equipment such as long, strong ladders to allow you to work on the roof safely.

The time spent on gutter maintenance can be reduced if you have leaf guards fitted over your roof gutters. Leaf guards filter out leaves and other debris before they get into the gutters where they can cause blockages and overflows.

A licensed roofing contractor has the experience, skills and equipment to safely undertake work on your roof and roof drainage system. Consider hiring a local licensed roofing contractor to repair and maintain your roof. Diligent maintenance can help prevent water damage in a storm, and may help you to avoid a claim on your New Jersey homeowners insurance.