Hiring an arborist and protecting your property with our New Jersey Homeowners Insurance!

Standard New Jersey homeowners insurance may cover garden trees for a range of risks such as fire, lightning, and vandalism. Homeowners often purchase additional coverage for valuable mature trees and for the risk of wind damage. Fortunate homeowners with large properties and ample, mature trees sometimes hire an arborist to care for trees in the garden.

Arborists are trained and equipped in the care of trees. They provide a range of specialized services:

• Arborists carry out pruning to maintain trees. They can remove branches that interfere with wires and parts of buildings or obstruct streets; remove branches that are dead, weak, damaged, and diseased or infested with insects; train young trees; and work on the shape or structure of trees to improve appearance, lessen wind resistance or increase light penetration.
• Arborists can remove trees as a last resort. An arborist is trained to determine when a tree should be removed and has equipment to carry out this task safely.
• Arborists undertake emergency work on trees. They are trained to work safely on heavy trees and branches that may have fallen or been damaged because of storms.
• Arborists know the characteristics of trees and can recommend varieties to be planted in specific locations.

Having invested in New Jersey homeowners insurance protection for your garden trees, take some time to select the right arborist to care for them. Be sure to hire a trained, experienced professional who carries personal, liability, and workers compensation insurance if appropriate!