How Does Owning A Dog Affect Your NJ Liability Insurance?

Are you considering adopting a puppy? As much as owning a dog may mean to your family, you should definitely consider the potential costs related to adding a pooch to your home, especially when it comes to your NJ liability insurance policy. Although many people adopt dogs to deter criminals, that same animal could lead to quite a burden.

Despite the fact that a burglar broke into your house to steal your possessions, should your dog defend the property by biting the individual, you could find yourself on the wrong end of a personal injury lawsuit. Home owners owe it to all visitors, invited or otherwise, to provide a safe environment. As the owner of the animal, you could be held liable for the injuries it causes. According to New Jersey law however, you may be able to avoid paying for the medical bills related to the dog bite if you are able to prove the trespasser had criminal intent, for example, if you discovered the person inside your home putting your prized DVD collection into a bag.

In addition, before you take on the title of dog owner, you should discuss the matter with your NJ liability insurance agent. Some insurers only cover incidents involving certain breeds while others may not pay for dog-related injuries at all. There is a lot to consider before adopting a canine. By making an appropriate choice of breed, training your pet and having appropriate insurance, you could help ensure your pup remains a beloved part of the family and not a burden.