Valuable Assets Need Extra Protection


Lyndhurst NJ Valuable Assets Coverage with Chubb


Valuable assets are those things you own that have greater than normal value.
You may have put together a valuable art collection. You may have inherited
or been given precious jewelry or coins. Maybe someone in your family is a rare
book collector. Perhaps you like to travel to exotic places and bring home
treasures from foreign locations. Generally most homeowners insurance only
provides limited coverage for these special items. That’s why Bogle Agency
Insurance recommends the coverage provided by Chubb Masterpiece Insurance. A
Chubb Masterpiece Valuables Insurance Policy will offer better protection for
the things in your life that are more valuable than the ordinary. Insuring
valuable assets in NJ means having Chubb Masterpiece Insurance.


Chubb Pays Serious Attention To Losses


With Chubb Masterpiece coverage claims are addressed quickly and concluded in
record time. This kind of response makes this type of insurance a great source
of relief to our clients. Bogle Agency Insurance wants you to have the best
insurance coverage that also provides the most responsive solutions to problems.
Along with fast claim handling, Chubb offers management services that include
fine art, jewelry and collections specialists with training and knowledge of
specialized collections. They also offer tips on preventing losses in the future.


Talk to Bogle About Valuable Asset Insurance


Bogle Agency Insurance has been helping people in NJ with insurance coverage for over
100 years. We want Bergen County and Morris County clients with treasured valuable
possessions to be made aware of Chubb Masterpiece Insurance. For a consultation
regarding the protection of your treasures give Bogle Agency Insurance a call at
(201) 939-1076.  Insuring valuable assets in NJ should include the protection of a
Chubb Masterpiece Valuables policy.