Liability Risks Faced By Businesses Big and Small

When an injury occurs on the premises of your business, it could be a very stressful situation, even if you have NJ liability insurance to cover the costs. Injuries could lead to lawsuits, which could easily bankrupt your business. You may be able to lessen the risk of injury by applying the tips below.

•Try implementing a prevention program aimed at training workers to spot safety risks and potential liability claims. Look for ways to learn from past incidents to avoid repeating them.
•Do you stock items on high shelves? Place plenty of signage urging customers to get an employee to help them get these items down. 
•Look for potential dangers in your office, with an eye toward high-traffic areas. For example, frayed or old carpet might cause a guest to trip.
•Clear any faulty or exposed wires as soon as they are noticed. Do not place wires across the floor or under carpets.
•Signage is a business owner’s friend. Create signs to warn against potential dangers, even obvious ones. Make sure the letters are large enough to be read at a distance.

With the above tips, you may be able to prevent a dangerous incident before it occurs. Avoiding even the smallest of injuries could make a serious difference in the price of your NJ liability insurance, as fewer claims often means lower premiums. Call us for more information.