Life Insurance Premiums

Factors that Affect Life Insurance Premiums

Factors that affect life insurance premiums
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Factors that affect life insurance premiums include health and habits. Some factors may only increase your premiums slightly, but others can create a big difference. Anything viewed as a risk to your health and lifespan will affect the cost of your insurance policy. If you are worried about your eligibility or the cost of an insurance policy take the time to sit down with your NJ insurance agent. Your agent will be able to explain the differences between policies and what risks you have that will affect your premiums.

Personal Habits that Can Affect Insurance Policies

Habits that will affect your insurance include smoking cigarettes, drinking heavily, and overall risky behavior. Your age is an important factor as well. Purchasing a policy in your twenties is certainly cheaper than purchasing one in your forties. Usually, health concerns include high cholesterol levels, excessive weight, and disease.

Policy Details that Can Affect Insurance Prices

Another factor that affects life insurance premiums is the length of the policy; typically, a 30 year term is going to cost you more than a 10 year term. The longer the policy the more likely death could occur within its term, therefore higher premiums. All of the factors that affect the cost associated with a life insurance policy will be discussed with your Bergen County insurance agent. Take the time to evaluate your needs in a policy and what your goals are while also determining the risk you pose as the insured.

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