Lyndhurst NJ Wedding Insurance Services


Do You Know About Wedding Insurance?


Getting married this spring? You should be looking forward to an occasion of celebration and joy. Whoever is planning a wedding wants to be sure the event is perfect in every way. Wedding Insurance helps you avoid the possibility of a disaster that can ruin the day. Even with meticulous planning, things can go wrong. Bogle Agency Insurance offers expert advice regarding Wedding Insurance to ensure that your big day goes off without a hitch.  Let us help you learn about NJ Insurance for Weddings.


Things That Could Go Wrong


We offer some possible problems that you could face when planning a wedding. Wedding problems you might encounter are:

1.  Professional Vendor problems – the venue you chose has closed up, the photographer didn’t show, or the band you booked has broken up.  These are a few issues that can occur at the last minute leaving you scrambling for alternatives.

2.  Property Damage – Valuable gift items get broken, or the wedding gown is ruined.  Unexpected and devastating things can happen                

3.  Bad Weather – Major storms or other kinds of bad weather can make outdoor plans imossible.              i

4.  Health and Sickness – A close relative gets seriously sick, the best man has an automobile accident or all the bridesmaids get the flue.  These things are rare, but they do happen.  

5.  Cold Feet – One of the marrying couple decides not to go through with the wedding. Again, pretty rare, however it does happen.   


What Does Wedding Insurance Cover?


Every policy is different, but some things that Wedding Insurance may cover are:

  • Cancellation
  • Postponement
  • Lost Deposits
  • Unexpected Additional Expenses
  • Photography
  • Gifts
  • Attire
  • Liability

Professional Help With Wedding Insurance Is Encouraged


Although coverage can differ in options and cost, Bogle Agency Insurance agents are experienced in guiding wedding couples toward the best and most affordable protection for their needs. Our expertise in all things about insurance in NJ is unmatched. We know that planning a wedding can be stressful and frustrating. Wedding Insurance may help bring peace of mind about a lot of issues that can arise. For sound guidance in the area of Wedding Insurance, call Bogle Agency Insurance at (201) 939-1076