When Home Values Increase, Should You Increase Your Homeowners Insurance?


It is commonly held that when home values go up, you should increase your homeowners insurance. Of course you want to protect your most valuable investment. This question has plagued homeowners and it is one that should be discussed with your insurance agent. When the value of a house increases significantly, you want to be sure it is covered for the full amount. If you have purchased expensive artwork or furniture these should be inventoried with your homeowners insurance as well. Discussing periodic homeowners insurance reviews is something to do with a professional agent.  Bogle Agency Insurance staff have years of experience in answering questions about all types of insurance coverage.


Does a Remodel Mean You Need More Coverage?


Builder, Contractor and Construction Insurance AgencyNot every increase in the value of a house requires additional insurance. If the value of your home increases due to the usual market reasons, such as supply and demand, NJ homeowners insurance probably doesn’t need to be changed.

But, if you have had a major addition built, or had a kitchen or basement completely re-done, this could impact the amount of insurance coverage you should have. Again, a question that needs to be discussed with your agent.




We all know home values increase over time. To be sure your home is adequately protected with the right amount of homeowners insurance, talk to a professional insurance agent. Periodic reviews of your homeowners insurance coverage are a good idea, and the agents at Bogle Agency Insurance have the experience and expertise to guide you. Our team based in Bergen County is always available to evaluate your homeowners, automobile, business, umbrella and all the insurance coverages you have. Our goal is to help you understand what you need and help you get it in the most affordable way. Give us a call at (201) 939-1076 for a consultation.