Preventing Infections During Cancer Treatments

One of the many reasons people purchase life insurance in NJ is that they begin to worry about the possibility of getting some type of cancer as they get older. While it’s a very real risk sometimes, it is sometimes the consequences of the cancer that ends the victim’s life.

An infection, for instance, could be deadly to a cancer patient. Many people with cancer decide to undergo chemotherapy to kill the cancer cells. This treatment has a side effect of decreasing the number of white blood cells in your body. With a compromised immune system, you may be less able to fight off even minor infections.

As a cancer patient, the development of a fever should be considered a medical emergency according to the CDC. This is because the fever is sometimes the only symptom of an infection. Any time you feel warm or just unwell, you should take your temperature immediately. When should you call the doctor?

When your temperature hovers at a minimum of 100.4°F for longer than an hour, medical assistance should be sought.

Any time your temperature reaches 101°F or higher, you should seek help immediately.

Cancer is deadly, but many people fail to see that infections could be deadly too. Knowing what to do when a fever develops during chemotherapy may help ensure you are around long enough to show your cancer who’s boss.

Whether or not you’re concerned about cancer consider making plans for your family’s financial future by obtaining life insurance in NJ. We just don’t know what will take us or when.