You Are Always Protected


Bogle Agency InsuranceLyndhurst NJ Marine Insurance Protection, the top insurance agency in NJ, offers Chubb Masterpiece Recreational Marine Insurance to boat enthusiasts. Whether it’s a small boat or a yacht we offer the finest marine protection with Chubb. With this coverage Chubb will replace or repair your boat, and offer towing if you should suffer a mishap while on the water. This Recreational Marine Insurance with Chubb will also protect you and your family under these circumstances.


Marine Insurance Tailored To You!


Everyone has a different experience under different circumstances. For this reason Chubb’s Masterpience Recreational Marine Insurance is tailored to your unique requirements. You can choose who does repairs, if they are needed. If there is special technology on your boat, it will be replaced with like quality equipment. This is true with anything on your boat that has been damaged and needs replacing. Bogle Agency Insurance is always in your corner, and we offer the best coverage to protect your assets.


Accidental Injuries Are Covered As Well


If an injury should occur as the result of an accident on the water, medical expenses are covered. Adjusters work quickly and efficiently to get you and your boat back on the water as soon as possible.


We Are Offering the top Recreational Marine Coverage


Bogle Agency Insurance is providing our NJ clients with the opportunity to have the finest Recreaional Marine coverage. Chubb offers so much more than the average policy with this coverage. Take the time to read through the Chubb Recreational Marine brochure and see what extraordinary coverage this is. If you are a boating enthusiast and love to be on the water, you should know about this insurance. Bogle is always ready to discuss any insurance needs you have, and if you are a boat owner give us a call regarding the Chubb Masterpiece Recreational Marine Insurance. We can be reached at (201) 939-1076.