Secure Your Mailbox and Protect Your Home With New Jersey Homeowners Insurance!

New Jersey homeowners insurance policy may offer compensation when your
possessions are lost in a burglary, but your first line of defense
against thieves should always be good security. Installing a burglar
alarm and locks on windows and doors will help to protect your home from
the risk of burglary, but remember that if your mailbox is not secure, a
criminal could breach your security without even setting foot inside
your home.

a minute or two to think about your mailbox. Is it lockable? Do you
always use the lock?  Next, consider whether the size of your mailbox is
adequate for the sort of mail that is delivered to your home. Is the
mailbox large enough to accommodate larger items such as catalogues and
large envelopes?

mailbox that is too small exposes your mail to the weather and allows
it to be easily accessible to any opportunistic passer-by on the lookout
for a chance to steal valuables or identification documents. Exposed
mail may also indicate that there is no-one at home and encourage
thieves to try their hand at breaking in.

Your mailbox may be a weak spot in your home’s security. A mailbox that
cannot contain your mail securely poses a risk of valuable or sensitive
items of mail falling into the wrong hands. Some home security measures
may reduce New Jersey home insurance costs, so if you’re considering
upgrading your home’s security by adding a security system or upgrading
locks on doors and windows, ask your agent or insurer about premium
discounts that may be available.