Small Business Owners and Automobile Risks

Automobile Risks Small Business Owners Should Know About  

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Bogle Agency Insurance advises our commercial clients, large and small, about how to protect themselves from potential risks and unforeseen events.

Accidents happen on a daily basis; if you don’t have the proper fleet automobile coverage your business could be vulnerable to losses.


What Automobile Risks Should Small Business Owners Know About?


1. Employees using personal vehicles to carry out company business.

Many times there is a need for one of your employees to pick up supplies, or lunch, or a visiting business colleague. That person uses their own personal vehicle. If they have an accident in the performance of these duties, your small business may be liable.

2. Hiring non-company individuals to perform driving duties.

Maybe you need something or someone to be picked up from the airport. You hire a driver to make the pickup, using their own vehicle. An accident occurs and the item to be picked up is damaged, or the person to be picked up is injured. Your small business may be liable.

3. Accidents causing damage or injury that occur with the use of company-owned vehicles

Your small business is probably covered in this case, but is it? Proper automobile insurance coverage is available and good professional advice is essential. Business owners must talk to an experienced agent to get the coverage they need.

4. You hire part-time employees to perform certain tasks.

In the performance of these tasks, that part-time employee has an accident using their own automobile. There are so many people engaged in today’s “gig economy”. These are people who for some reason prefer the flexibility of “gig” or free-lance one-at-a-time jobs. Many times these “gig” workers aren’t properly insured and your small business may end up being liable.


What Kind of Coverage Do You Need?


All businesses need insurance coverage for company-owned automobiles. Large businesses usually have “fleet” coverage, but small businesses sometimes overlook automobile insurance. Small businesses have as much auto risk as large businesses. Whether your small business owns vehicles used in the performance of company tasks, or you hire outside help for automobile transport, you need proper insurance coverage. These coverages are available and can be tailored to your specific needs. This is why all small business owners need to talk to a professional insurance agent. An experienced agency such as Bogle Agency Insurance has the knowledge and expertise to advise you.


Small Business Automobile Insurance Advice from Bogle Agency Insurance


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